Kamloops, Whistler and the Sea to Sky Highway

The beauty of a trip that is relatively unplanned, is that when you turn up somewhere and feel at home you can simply decide to stay longer. This happened to us in Whistler. We arrived, checked into our hotel, and within an hour had decided we needed longer than one night to explore. But in

Cycling Memories

What sparks memories for you? For me it can be all kinds of things – smells, feelings, music, photographs. But also random emails, like when I got one of those marketing emails Halfords a few weeks back talking about iconic bikes and how they change with the times. I don’t often open those, but I

One Hour Outside February 2017 | Week 2

We are now half way through February and so half way through this edition of my One Hour Outside campaign. I hope you are enjoying the challenge and not finding it too frustrating! Thankfully I’m now all better (well, just about), and so have been able to get out a lot more this week which

Environmentally Friendly Beauty | Lush Shampoo Bar

Lush are well known for selling natural, vegetarian, animal friendly, funky beauty products. Most well known for their bath bombs I guess, they also do a huge range of bath, hair and body gloops and slimes, and have an excellent reputation for their environmentally friendly values. When I wrote my Ten Ways to Cut Waste

Recipe | Corned Beef Hash

A hash, in my house, is a meal we will have when we have a random selection of leftovers to use up. Otherwise known as a “pile of slop”, it’s a meal eaten from a bowl served with either some gorgeous warm bread or a couple of Yorkshire puddings. It really is the definition of

Feeling Inspired to GetOutside

This whole GetOutside Champion thing is already proving to be a pretty fun and awesome project to be involved in. I mean, the other day I had a comment on facebook from an old School friend who said “I’ve just had an email from OS Leisure advertising their yearly subscription thingy, with a pic of

One Hour Outside February 2017 | Week 1

Did you know that a quarter of people in the UK feel that a 15 minute walk is too far and they will take the car instead? 15 minutes. This was the fact that shocked and worried me enough to come up with One Hour Outside, a campaign that I hope will help us all make getting

Where I Wear My Coat

Back in November the lovely people at Blacks (I say lovely and mean it, they’re always so helpful in there, not in a pushy “I must make a sale” kind of way, but rather in a knowledgeable “love to get outside” kind of way), sent me a new waterproof jacket with one simple request –

Currently Loving | February 2017

I have to admit that I found January a very long month. It seemed to go on forever. I know that wishing our lives away is not good, and certainly doesn’t fit in with my life is all about the journey mantra, but sometimes it’s good to keep moving forward! And with the turn of

Fossil Hunting at Runswick Bay

My bucket list is an enormous and hugely moveable beast. The older I get, the more things I do, the bigger the list gets. This is partly because I keep discovering things that sound like fun, but also because I am all to aware of the limitations of my life and actively search out things

Poem | The Boot Tree

My Dad is a super talented poet and I love to share his words when I can (read: Life is a Journey). He sent me this poem today as it goes with the first topic of my #SplodzFebPC photo challenge (hope you’re taking part) – boots. Here is “The Boot Tree”. The Boot Tree Now boots

Doing the Big Outdoor Bloggers Cleanup

As someone who loves to get outside as much as I can, litter is something that bothers me greatly. Whether I’m in town (read about my visit to Bridgnorth), by the sea or in the countryside, litter – especially plastic waste – is a massive issue. In an attempt to rally the troops and spread the load a little, Jenni