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Thames RIB Experience

What’s the best way to see London? Some say from the river is the best place, on a boat trip. Something I’ve done in other cities around the world, but never in my own capital city to my recollection. The other Saturday I changed that by going on a Thames RIB Experience – not your

30 Days Wild – Days 22-28

Day 22 – Monday In my lunch break today I tried to draw a pigeon in my little Moleskine. I don’t draw much any more and it really shows, my pencil strokes are nowhere near as smooth these days. Hopefully you can tell it’s a pigeon! Day 23 – Tuesday More television watching (which is

My #MobileTravelChallenge – Join in!

I love going on little travel adventures. And big ones. And when I do, I love to take photographs on my phone in an attempt to keep hold of the memories that each journey provides. My phone is forever tied to my hand and once I’ve stopped and taken in the view for myself, had

30 Days Wild – Days 15-21

Day 15 – Monday Started the week off well with a cycle ride into work. We laughed at the Mallards who were super active in the morning – they are normally all huddled up snoozing as we ride along the path by the river, but today there was quite a commotion as they were quacking

My Introduction to Geocaching

I know quite a number of people who go out geocaching on a regular basis, and have always been intrigued about the whole thing. It’s one of those past times that has been on my list to try for a little while but I’ve not actually got around to it. I guess I liken it

Walking The Stephen Langton Trail

The Stephen Langton Trail is a newly devised walking route celebrating 800 years since the sealing of the Magna Carta. The 16.5 mile trail takes walkers from Langton-by-Wragby into Lincoln itself. I’ll let you read about the history over on the Visit Lincoln page dedicated to it, this post is all about the walking. Langton-by-Wragby

30 Days Wild – Days 8-14

Day 08 – Monday I was told when out cygnet spotting last week that there is a massive pike that lives in the bit of river one of the nests was on. So at lunch time I walked along to see if I could spot it swimming along. I didn’t. To be honest I have

A Picnic in my Kitchen: Not Doing the Lyke Wake Walk

I have had picnics in the rain before. I am a member of that family who would sit on the beach in our raincoats eating jam sandwiches and blue and white striped crisps, determined to enjoy our day by the sea whatever the weather. I would swim in the sea with the rain pouring down.

Review: Regatta Halin Point 214 Two Man Tent

When Outdoor Camping Direct offered to send me a tent to try out at the recent Outdoor Bloggers weekend, I could have gone for a massive tent that would pump up with an air compressor, be tall enough to stand up in, be suitable to cook inside, take a double air-bed and have space for all my

30 Days Wild – Days 1-7

Have you been inspired by The Wildlife Trusts to take part in the 30 Days Wild campaign? How have the first few days of 30 Days Wild gone for you? Rather than posting every day I thought I’d give you a taster of my wild activities every few days. Day 01 – Monday With a

Outdoor Bloggers Weekend – Camping and Hiking in Edale

Earlier this year Jenni from The Thrifty Magpies Nest and I launched a new network aimed at bloggers who write about the outdoors. Outdoor Bloggers was borne out of a desire to meet up with other writers who love the outdoors just as much as we do, take part in fun activities and hopefully learn

Recovery Following a Physical Challenge

I know from experience that following any kind of physical exercise, if I am working hard, I will ache. I think we all do. My joints get stiff, my back and neck aches, and my leg and arm muscles let me know they have worked hard by screaming rather a lot. I am no endurance