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Motorbike Tour of Europe – We Rode to Italy and Back

Having had a number of holidays on our motorbikes, including some touring, earlier on in the year we decided to go one step further and do a bit of credit card touring. For those of you who aren’t sure, this road trip style basically refers to a multi-day journey for which you don’t organise your

Lincoln Castle Revealed

Over the last year or more, Lincoln Castle has undergone a rather extensive transformation as millions of pounds have been spent on the buildings and grounds to restore and develop this incredibly important historical artefact and encourage lots more visitors to come and learn about what went on within its walls.  The grounds are now open to the public, which means

TopDeck Turkey Diary Day 8 | Fethiye and Home

A continuation of my TopDeck Turkey diary. If you haven’t read the first post in the series yet go and start here.   My TopDeck Tour of Turkey was officially over at breakfast time (sad face), but I had one more full day to spend in Fethiye before starting my (very long) journey back home.

Review: ActiviTea Portable Tea Infuser

Want to take a nice cup of tea out and about with you but don’t like the taste of tea from a flask? This interesting new product from Adagio Teas might work for you – the glass body and removable infuser means the tea tastes exactly how you want it, and there is no need

Do Something Kind Today

If you’ve been floating around social media today I’m certain you will know that it is Anti Bullying Week, a week that has been dedicated to raising the profile of bullying and its effects on people, with lots of associated campaigns to teach us how to deal with the problems caused. I’ve talked about my

#AskSplodz | Shoes, Books and Vegetables

A short while ago I mentioned over on Splodz Blogz TV that one of the ways I was going to practice (and therefore improve) my vlogging skills was to take part in a handful of common vlogging themes. And with today’s Blog Everyday in November theme being “video”, here’s your first, a Q&A in the guise

Blog Shout Out

There are hundreds, thousands, millions of blogs out there. So how do you know which ones to read? I thought I’d give you some pointers by sharing a handful of my favourites with you. It is World Kindness Day after all, so consider this a teeny random act of kindness to some of my blogging friends –

Looking Up

When you are wandering around town on your lunch break, are you guilty of concentrating on the floor or your smart phone rather than taking in the things around you? I know I am. Especially when I have a list of errands to run – I use an app on my phone as my list of chores

Bucket List 10 Year Anniversary

One of the things that seems to define me at the moment is that rather long and in fact ever expanding bucket list that I have. And that’s ok, I don’t mind that. I quite like it when people ask me about it, and I like it even more when people say that one or

Six Outdoor Activities for November

Now that bonfire night has been and gone and we are being pushed into thinking about Christmas by the shops and television, you might be forgiven for thinking that all fun family activities have to be inside. The evenings might be dark but there are plenty of things you can do to enjoy the outdoors

TopDeck Turkey Diary Day 7 | Konya to Fethiye

A continuation of my TopDeck Turkey diary. If you haven’t read the first post in the series yet go and start here.   Today was the day I had been dreading from the moment I was invited to join TopDeck on one of their tours. I knew there had to be a day like this

Taste Experience to the Utmost

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” Eleanor Roosevelt The pinkest sunset we have ever seen – and we wouldn’t have seen it if we hadn’t have stopped to look around, including behind us.  I would