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Review: Lifedge “Ultimate Cable”

Lifedge, the company who made the absolutely awesome waterproof iPhone case, are back, and this time with an accessory that anyone who wants to keep their phone charged when out and about in potentially wet circumstances – a rugged lightning cable, or rather the “ultimate” cable!  Why might you want a rugged cable I hear you

Video Diary 2 | Splodz Blogz TV

A new video diary – my second attempt at such a vlog – is now online. Would love you to check it out either below or over on Splodz Blogz TV.    If you like the video please give it a thumbs up over on YouTube and click subscribe so I know… and feel free to make suggestions

TopDeck Turkey Diary Day 2 | Istanbul

A continuation of my TopDeck Turkey diary. If you haven’t read the first post in the series yet go and start here.   The hotel I stayed in thanks to TopDeck was the Hotel Monaco in the Laleli area of Istanbul. A pretty bog standard hotel really, nothing special, but in a great location close

TopDeck Turkey Diary Day 1 | Home to Istanbul

Last month I had the pleasure joining TopDeck on The Sultan’s Trail, a week-long tour of Turkey from Istanbul to Fethiye. It was a jam packed week full of culture, sights, sunshine, education and of course – a coach. The tour was so full that I’ve decided to bring you an old fashioned traditional blog, my

WhiteWall Photography Lab

How do you preserve your holiday memories? In these days of digital photography we can do all sorts of things to keep our photographs. It’s so easy to organise our images can have our pictures printed out, it takes just a few seconds either at home or in Boots to have photographs printed out on nice paper. Actually, let’s

My Journey to Istanbul | Splodz Blogz TV

Last weekend I headed over to Istanbul to join the TopDeck Travel Sultan’s Trail tour from Istanbul to Fethiye. I prepared this video of my journey from Lincoln to Istanbul while away but couldn’t upload it until I got home (intermittent hotel wifi!). It took all day to get there, and longer to get home again at the

Obergurgl: Summer and Winter

When you go travelling or on holiday, do you ever go back to the same place more than once? Do you prefer to holiday in a different place each time so you can scratch off more places from your world map, or do you know what you like and keep returning to the same resort,

Photography Tips: How to Use Over

Every time I use a picture on my blog or instagram with a quote or title or similar over the top I get asked how I created it. I have been known to use photoshop to make those images in the past, but these days I would much rather reach for one of the very

Travelling Light: The Essentials

I’m starting to get the hang of the travelling light thing now, having been on a number of motorcycle trips in the last few years. I thought I’d start a bit of a mini series of posts here on Splodz Blogz featuring some tips for packing light and well when touring, and hope this will

Track Cycling at Lee Valley VeloPark

If I had ever become a professional athlete, which I know was always very unlikely but humour me here, I would have become a triple jumper. Or a hockey player. Or, dare I say it, a track cyclist. I’ve always joked that my big thighs would make me the perfect track cyclist – I have

Video Diary | Splodz Blogz TV

After losing an awful lot of time to YouTube and its millions of hours of content this week to see how the experts do this thing, I decided to go back to my “just do it” approach. So here’s my first video diary. If you like the video please give it a thumbs up over

My #GetOutside Pledge – Swim in a Lake

Earlier on in the summer I decided to take part in the Ordnance Survey campaign to #GetOutside more, and pledged to swim in a lake. As those of you who are early adopters of Splodz Blogz TV already know I have now fulfilled my pledge by having a cold but great swim in a lake close to home at