This is NOT Okay | Poo on the Viking Way

Getting outside for me is as much about exploring the trails close to where I live on a Saturday morning as it is about travelling further away for more organised or planned adventures. It’s just good to spend time at home, and I feel it is important to make an effort to get to know

Walking on a Glacier: Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure

You can’t ride along a famous road that takes you through 100 glaciers and not take some time to see one of them in a bit more detail, and so we’d checked into a lodge for a couple of nights to give us an opportunity to tick off walking on a glacier from our bucket

I’m a GetOutside Champion!

In case you missed it over on instagram the other day (go follow me if you haven’t already; loads of lovely views), I have been chosen as an Ordnance Survey’s GetOutside Champion for 2017, something I am rather happy about. Enjoying the seals at Donna Nook. A GetOutside Champion, as I’m sure you’re wondering, is someone

A Stroll in the Wolds | Binbrook Loop

Lincolnshire is often overlooked when people are looking for decent hiking, what with our seemingly flat and featureless countryside. But as I’ve mentioned before here on Splodz Blogz, Lincolnshire has some great footpaths and bridleways through some stunning countryside and beautiful villages – it is a great place to hike. And while the Fens may

Recipe: Curried Roasted Parsnip Soup

If my currently loving post is me pretending to be a lifestyle blogger once a month, then the re-introduction of my regular recipe series is me pretending to be a food blogger. I do think there is space on Splodz Blogz for food. I mean, every outdoors lover enjoys eating… it’s not that tenuous! You always seem

Happy Seventh Birthday, Splodz Blogz

Splodz Blogz is celebrating today, albeit quietly in my own kitchen while the washing machine hums and the tea gets drunk. Happy seventh birthday to me… (don’t worry, this isn’t a long post, more of an acknowledgement for prosperity). The best happy birthday wishes can make seven-year-old boys and girls feel as special as they deserve to

Currently Loving: January 2017

My blog is primarily about the outdoors, adventure, travel and my bucket list, but I do like to deviate slightly once a month for my regular currently loving post. More the type of post a ‘lifestyle blogger’ might write, I enjoy putting these ones together because they help me to stop and consider the things

The Icefields Parkway

Riding the Icefields Parkway was on our original list of roads to experience. It appears on several lists of the best motorcycling roads in North America (and soon to be included on mine, coming soon!), taking travellers between Jasper and Banff (Lake Louise) through the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Standing by an amazing river along the Icefields

Riding the Golden Triangle

From Calgary we headed west towards the mountains and picked up the 40, a beautiful sweeping mountain pass that was just lovely to ride. We met a couple of British bikers on Polaris Slingshots and chatted about touring before turning north towards Banff. We saw some deer type animals who were malting, losing their fluffy

Happy New Year from Splodz Blogz

Well good morning friends, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! Don’t worry, this isn’t a long blog post about how, now the clock has ticked on and we write 2017 instead of 2016, we should all change our lives massively to become something new, different, more. Rather, this is a post in which I

#SplodzJanPC – Daily Photo Challange for January

I promised you a new daily photo challenge for the New Year, and here it is… a few days early so you have a bit of time to prepare! #SplodzJanPC Splodz Blogz started (very nearly seven years ago now!) as a place for me to share my photo-a-day images with the world. I was encouraged

Seventeen Life Changing Challenges for 2017 (Part Two)

The second half of my list of life changing challenges for 2017 (part one can be found here) offers a few suggestions that are slightly less adventurous or sporting, and more about you and your personal wellbeing. Combining one or more of these ideas with one of the more exercise driven challenges mentioned previously and