Lincolnshire Countryside

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I do like living in Lincolnshire. It definitely has it’s charm. And don’t believe anyone when they say it’s totally flat… it may well be in the fens around Boston, Lincoln and Louth are really quite hilly. 

Here in Sleaford it’s certainly not flat but it’s not as hilly as the Wolds… the lowest point I was at on my bike ride this evening was 28 feet (which is incredibly close to sea level!) and the highest was 102 feet.  Those false flats really work the legs!

As promised I took my camera with me this evening and got some pics of the area I cycle around.  Today I did the “big block” – that is a 7 mile round trip from my house, along some rural roads, and back again.

Rural road near Sleaford
Rural road near Sleaford
My bike in the Sleaford countryside
My bike in the Sleaford countryside
Cool sky over Sleaford
Cool sky over Sleaford

Today’s ride means I’m now on a total of 35 miles towards my 100-mile challenge… 65 to go!  It’s taken me a total of 3 hours, 20 minutes and 50 seconds to cycle that far, meaning I’ve done an average of 10.62 miles an hour!  I wonder what the final averages will look like?

Day Date Activity Distance
Ave Speed
1 14th April Cycling 4.5 0:25:53 10.43 4.5
2 15th April         4.5
3 16th April Cycling 5.24 0:28:10 11.15 9.74
4 17th April         9.74
5 18th April Cycling 7.25 00:39:40 10.96 16.99
6 19th April         16.99
7 20th April         16.99
8 21st April Cycling 3.54 00:20:40 10.28 20.53
9 22nd April         20.53
10 23rd April         20.53
11 24th April Cycling 7.7 00:45:44 10.1 28.23
12 25th April         28.23
13 26th April Cycling 7.34 00:40:43 10.82 35.57

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