Jordans Frusli Bars

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There is something nice about getting food in the post… and this morning I had a little package from Jordans – one of their Frusli bars to try.

Frusli Bar

Frusli is a brand you’re probably all familiar with – it’s been around for a while in the guise of five flavours.  The bar I was sent was in a new flavour – Apple, Sultana and Cinnamon.

Frusli Bar

Jordans explained in their letter that this bar contains 25% fruit, along with wholegrain oats for long lasting energy.  And I have to say, it was very yummy (shame I was only sent one and not a whole box!) – the flavour was excellent, and it went perfectly with my morning cuppa.

Frusli Bar

The bar is quite chewy which was a nice change to the cereal/granola bars I normally buy – the main advantage being they don’t go everywhere when you take a bite.  And when you do take a bite the flavour of the fruit and cinnamon hits immediately – sometimes in these things the taste is far too suble, but not with this new Frusli bar.

Frusli Bar

As for the nutritional information, at 111 calories and 0.5g saturated fat it’s not bad for something that will give you an energy boost.

So… I say thank you Jordans for sending me this new Frusli Bar, I liked it very much and will happily recommend it to Splodz Blogz readers.

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