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Year in Photos (6 Jul 11) – M&M's World, London

Walking to Leicester Square this morning on our way to find some breakfast we came across this place… it was all shiny and new and there were a few people hanging around outside.  It was M&M World and I’m not sure if it opened for the first time today but apparently it was the opening party with JLS this evening (is it bad we were pleased we weren’t there for that?!).  We couldn’t resist going in for a mooch about – and wow, what an incredible place!  Set out like an old cinema/american movie hall, it’s bright and colourful and there is an endless array of M&M merchendise.  I mean, everything including mugs and plates, tshirts and hoodies, pillows, soft toys, earrings, pens, note pads – so much stuff!  I think there could be a complete blog post in our visit this morning – perhaps another day – but for now I’ll leave you with just a small part of the wall of M&Ms…

Wednesday 6th July 2011

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