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Review: Wayveband (includes Discount Code)

I am not very good at wearing nice pretty dainty bracelets. I like them very much for going out but for normal wear they just get in the way, tap constantly on the desk while I’m typing, get stuck on my clothing, you know the sort of thing. I much prefer fitted bangles or wristbands that are more “surfy” in style – they fit with me better anyway – because they sit nicely on my arm without making any noise.

Wayveband by Splodz

Wayvebands are leather wristbands that are unique to you – you design them yourself from a range of colours, designs, fonts to make something totally bespoke. I was given the opportunity to design my own so I could tell you about them.

Wayveband by Splodz

I knew exactly what I wanted; a green wristband with my tagline “life is all about the journey” on it. You can upload photos or use funky backgrounds, but I just wanted something pretty plain that would remind me of my mantra. Do you like it? Getting my design done was really quick and simple, the interface is a doddle to use and you get a picture of what your wristband will look like.

Wayveband by Splodz

It fits just right. Well of course it does, you can adjust the stud to any of four points, and there are two larger holes to fit over the top. There is also a leather thong supplied if you’d rather fit it that way. Quality wise I’m impressed too. The leather a couple of millimetres thick and the stud fastening screws on so you know it’s secure. The packaging does say that you should expect the colours to fade over time, but with leather products you expect them to soften up, they don’t stay pristine and that is part of the charm.

Wayveband by Splodz

Wayveband by Splodz

If I had paid for mine it would have been £7.00 (this is the price for a “text Wayveband” – the different types vary in price). Delivery is £1.95 and mine arrived the next day (it was sent first class). For a personalised leather wristband I think this is good value for money – I can see me getting addicted to these (I am about to order another one… I think in orange!). They might work as invitations/tickets for a party or event, or to celebrate something with your friends. Or how about sticking your name and phone number on one for your kids when on days out just in case they get lost? The bespoke nature of these is what appeals to me though, they are a fantastic little idea and everyone should have their own!

Wayveband by Splodz

If you would like to design your own Wayveband then you’re in luck – I have a discount code that is good for 20% off. Simply add SPLODZ20 at the checkout on the Wayveband website to apply the discount. The code is live now and doesn’t run out until 30th March 2013 so you’ve got time to design and order many!

Disclaimer: I was offered a Wayveband (and the discount code) through the Fuel My Blog scheme and asked to write a review on them for Splodz Blogz. I have not been told what to write and have been no less honest as a result.


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