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Review: Percy Pig Celebration Cake

The Percy Pig brand gets bigger and bigger all the time. Not only are M&S stores full of Percy Pig Easter Eggs (I’m really hoping for one on Sunday!), but you can get desserts, yoghurts, fairy cake mixes (which I reviewed previously), and now a rather stunning looking celebration cake.

Percy Pig Celebration Cake

Celebration cakes are normally reserved for, well, celebrations. But I decided we deserved cake, for no reason other than that I couldn’t resist. Twitter had mixed feelings – some have tried it and love it, others have tried it and found it less than satisfactory. So I naturally had to buy one just to see what it was like.

Percy Pig Celebration Cake

Cute huh?!

It is a pig-shaped madeira sponge cake with butter cream and raspberry jam with pink Percy Pig flavoured icing.

Percy Pig Celebration Cake

I went in one day and found just one Percy Pig cake on the shelf that was a bit squished. I could have asked customer service for a discount on the much-less-than-perfect cake but I decided to wait til the following day in the hope they’d had another delivery. There were a couple this time and I could resists no more, £10 later I was opening the box at home and trying to stop LincsGeek from cutting it before I managed to get a photograph (always a problem when I’m planning on writing about food!).

Our cake was still not quite right. As you can see the cake had slipped inside the icing and so the pig shape wasn’t smooth on one side. I have no problem with this at all; this cake costs a tenner and is made by a machine – if you want something totally spectacular and completely perfect then you go to a professional baker and sugar craft expert (Charm City Cakes if you’re reading this I’ve got a long list of cake ideas you could make for me!). I thought I’d mention it, though.

Percy Pig Celebration Cake

The cake itself is an evenly baked white sponge cake with a (very) thin layer of jam and butter cream inside. It is a fairly hard sponge – not a nice light Victoria sponge – that will last a good few days before it goes stale.

The covering is pink icing which is flavoured just like the foam part of a Percy Pig sweet. It’s very good, I was very impressed with the flavour. There is quite a lot of the icing and it is very sweet, so watch out for that sickly feeling if you eat the nose or feet in addition to your slice! I did wonder why there were no actual Percy Pig Sweets on the cake when I originally saw it, but you really don’t need them as well as the icing!

Percy Pig Celebration Cake

Percy Pig Celebration Cake

Percy Pig Celebration Cake

The box says this cake will serve 20 people. Twenty!! I’m not going to admit how many portions we got out of this cake, I feel terrible as it is admitting that LincsGeek and I ate the whole thing between us over the course of just a few days!

I really enjoyed this cake. It is a fun and cute celebration cake which certainly made me smile when looking at it and eating it. My love of Percy Pigs gets stronger!


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