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Review: Laughing Cow Light with Emmental

One of my “go to” healthy lunches or suppers is Ryvita with soft cheese and either grapes or beetroot. Simple, good for me, and filling. Since trying out The Laughing Cow Light with Blue in aid of Splodz Blogz a little while ago that has been my cheese of choice – one triangle per Ryvita. Here is their new offering – this time with Emmental.

Laughing Cow Light Emmental

Emmental is that hard (well, medium-hard if we’re being picky as it’s not like parmesan) light yellow Swiss cheese with all the holes in it – it is what we might actually call “Swiss cheese”. It has a mild and creamy flavour that works very well both sliced and melted. I can just imagine a rather tasty ham and cheese baguette right about now…

Laughing Cow Light Emmental

Where as the triangles with the blue cheese (both the blue and emmental are pictured above) have a certain tang to them, these ones are ridiculously cheesy. Ok, I know that cheese triangles are supposed to be cheesy, but there is something about these that is even more cheesy than the original Laughing Cow variety. It is very creamy, and quite delicious.

Laughing Cow Light Emmental

Because of the added cheese (shall I sing YMCA to go along with this?!), it actually worked better without the grapes or beetroot I’d normally use. It also worked really well spread onto medium sliced toast and especially well on bagels instead of butter with a thick slice of left over gammon. Mmmmmm.

Laughing Cow Light Emmental

The blue version is still my favourite, but this is also very nice and I will definitely be buying it again to keep things interesting. It’s very low in calories at just 25 per portion, and because the triangles are individually wrapped in foil it keeps for ages in the fridge for whenever you fancy some. A great addition to the range.

Laughing Cow Light Emmental

Disclaimer: I was sent some of this cheese by The Laughing Cow so I could review it here on Splodz Blogz. I have not been told what to write and am always honest.


  1. By Alison


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