Review: Soreen Festive Loaf

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It’s now December so I think it’s ok to start writing properly Christmassy blog posts (some gift ideas may have already snuck in!), and I’m going to start with something new from Soreen for this Christmas time.

Soreen Festive Loaf

This is the Soreen Festive Loaf (sans packaging – this is how mine arrived). As someone who loves malt loaf I was intrigued to try this one. I actually said no to the chocolate one last month – I didn’t like the idea of malt loaf with chocolate chunks in it (perhaps more of a pudding to be served with custard than a lunch time or supper time snack) but I was very much up for giving this one a go.

As you may well expect, what we have here is a traditional Soreen malt loaf – rich, squishy, fruity – but with added festive notes. There is a distinct and classic cinnamon-based Christmas-time flavour to this, which is simply lovely. It is an excellent addition to what I like about Soreen, adding something extra to the already lovely snack.

Soreen Festive Loaf

Soreen Festive Loaf

I would definitely recommend the Soreen Festive Loaf… think evening time, roaring fire, cup of tea, and a slice or two of Soreen Festive Loaf with proper butter. Most pleasant.

Watch the Soreen facebook page for more details of when and where you will be able to try the new Festive loaf.

Disclaimer: I received a Soreen Festive Loaf for free but I have not been told what to write and have been no less honest as a result (it really is yummy).

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  1. Hazel

    Sounds good. I normally eat it for breakfast with butter. My boyfriend and I eat loads if the stuff!

    • Splodz

      It’s great for breakfast – it’s got loads of the right things in it for the most important meal of the day 🙂

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