Review: A Stylus with a Split Personality

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Meet the Hex-Styli, a multi functional stylus that Mobile Fun reckons is one of the best on the market. They sent me one to try out.


This six-in-one stylus has a omnidirectional stylus tip for accurate on-screen interaction, integrated ballpoint pen for jotting down notes, a printed ruler on the body, a built in spirit level, and a Phillips and flat head dual tipped screwdriver hidden under the stylus tip. It’s one of those gadgety things you might receive as a stocking filler at Christmas.


It certainly does it’s primary job. As a stylus it works very well. I do like to use a stylus on my iPad – I treated myself to the rather lovely Bamboo Stylus a while back – as it gives me accuracy and stops my screen getting too covered in finger prints. As for the other bits and bobs included in this neat little gift idea, they work as expected too… the screwdriver is difficult to swap over but it does come out with a firm grip.  I should say that the pen is actually very nice to write with; I thought the non-round design would make it uncomfortable to hold but it is fine.

Hex-Styli and iPad

Mine is now sat in my pen pot on my desk at work. The pen and stylus are used regularly – and I never know when I might need the other bits and bobs in the office!

You can find the Hex-Styli at Mobile Fun for £11.99.

Disclaimer: I received a stylus from Mobile Fun for free to try for Splodz Blogz.


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