Splodz on the Beach

I’m Zoe – Splodz (thanks to my sister when we were growing up) – and this is my everything blog.

I am a girl who is becoming more girly and grown up every day… loving food, clothes, shoes (especially shoes). jewellery, make-up, beauty products etc.

But I am really a tomboy/adventure girl at heart – I love walking, cycling, skiing, getting outdoors, motorbikes (in 2009 I rode a Harley the length of the country for charity), music (I play trombone and bass guitar) and loads of other stuff.  In 2010 I fulfilled my dreams of learning to surf and did a skydive for RNIB – I keep being told I’m a little bit crazy, I’m sure that’s in a good way!

I enjoy a challenge and last year completed the London MoonWalk and the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge within seven days of each other. Yes, nuts. I was also totally honoured to be chosen to be an Olympic Torchbearer, one amazing and completely bonkers experience.

My life’s mantra is “Life is all about the journey“. It’s no good just waiting to get to our destination, we have to make the most of the travelling too.

Extreme Tromboning

I published Splodz Blogz for the first time on 7th January 2010 following a lot of thought over how I can get back into writing.  With the tagline “Life is all about the journey”, my mantra, it is the perfect place write posts, diary entries, articles, reviews and so on.

In April 2012 I chose to move my free wordpress.com blog to a self-hosted via wordpress.org – so here I am. Splodz Blogz has become a massive part of my life.  I really enjoy writing about my personal experiences as well as reviewing products for whoever cares to read.  It’s become a review site, a foodie site, a gadget site, a fashion and beauty site, a photography site, and a site for so many other genres – and how I’m loving it!

Thank you for visiting Splodz Blogz. I hope you enjoy reading what I’ve got to say and come back again soon… don’t forget to subscribe by email or add me to your reader. Oh and feel free to comment away on my posts – I love to read what you think.

This is me when this blog was just an idea – taken just after midnight on Friday 1st January 2010:

Splodz - Zoe Homes

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Anyone who knows me knows I love (love love) shoes. It is my biggest fashion weakness. Maybe even my biggest weakness. They’re so easy to buy, so easy to wear. I will often decide on an entire outfit based on what shoes I want to wear that day. Probably terribly sad and many of my readers probably don’t get it, but hey, that’s me! I’ve always been a bit of a Tom Boy I guess and as a result my favourite footwear brands are Dr Martens and Converse, along with outdoor brands like Merrell and KEEN. I girly shoes too, though, but those get worn much less and I spend a lot less money on them!

My Dr Martens

Spartoo specialise in brand-name shoe sales online – they have over 700 brands and 500,000 pairs of shoes in stock (now that is a wardrobe!!!). I write some posts for Spartoo, and as with anything I write about on Splodz Blogz I am always honest, and my Spartoo shoes posts are written on brands or fashions or individual pairs of shoes that I fancy writing about. You’ll know which ones they are because I use my little green disclaimer at the bottom of each one.


Please note that the majority of images I use on this blog I have taken myself. I therefore own any copyright associated with the images. If you like the images I am totally flattered but please always ask before using/reproducing any of them for anything. You can ask by contacting me.