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This Hobby Called Blogging

It’s strange, whenever the conversation about the fact I’m a hobby blogger comes up, it’s like I’m making some kind of weird and slightly seedy confession. Imagine: “What do you do in your spare time?”, “Oh, well amongst lots of other things, I’m a blogger.”, “Have I heard of you?”. And when the answer to

OnePiece for a Cosy Night In

Hands up who likes to get into their comfies on as soon as they get home from work! I can put both of mine up here – the comfier the better… and I know I’m not the only one. As you’ll have seen on my blog and new vlogs, I rather like a big cosy

TopDeck Turkey Diary Day 6 | Cappadocia to Konya

A continuation of my TopDeck Turkey diary. If you haven’t read the first post in the series yet go and start here.   There were a number of people who’d been out with us last night who had sore heads this morning. Not drinking alcohol definitely has its advantages sometimes! Although I was also very

Autumn Leaves

I love autumn colours. Oranges, browns, purples. Purples? Oh yes. Check out these autumn leaves! I took this snap at the end of last week on my phone when out walking, and loved the colour of the leaves (and how they matched my laces!). I’ve not manipulated the shot at all – no filters – just cropped

Recipe: Slow Cooker Mexican Chipotle Stew

November. Autumn turning into winter, short days and dark evenings. This can only mean one thing… time for comfort food. And to me this means it’s slow cooker time! So if you are one of those people who put your slow cooker away for the summer it’s time to climb into the loft and retrieve

Currently Loving: November

What are you currently loving? I thought I’d join in with the “monthly favourites” blogging trend (possibly for one month only, not sure yet!) and share with you some of the things I am enjoying at the moment. 1 | With the sun so low in the sky at the moment (although not today, it’s still

Ten More Random Facts About Me

You all know I like a challenge. I just can’t resist. So when I got a tweet asking if I was interested in taking part in this year’s Blog Everyday in November challenge run by Elizabeth over at Rosalilium, I thought about it for about three minutes before I signed up. I haven’t been completely successful at these

Review: Keela Belay Pro Jacket

It’s finally cold enough to write this blog post! (I say “finally” because I like proper seasons – none of this changeable stuff – bring on the winter!) I’ve had this jacket for ages but it’s so warm I’ve not wanted to wear it much. In the last few weeks, though, it has definitely proved its worth

Postcards: Where You’ve Been and What You’ve Seen

One of my favourite features in Lonely Planet magazine is the one that appears right at the start, which includes lots of images taken by readers. Lots of magazines do this – photography magazines, travel magazines, hiking magazines; it’s all about drawing the reader in with some beautiful imagery but also with the “you too” idea – these aren’t official


Just over a month ago I decided to start this thing called YouTube and set up my own channel. The idea in my head was to complement the things I do here on Splodz Blogz by also making some videos. I know I am incredibly late to the vlogging party, and it is something that

Lyke Wake Walk – A Hiking Challenge

What happens when three outdoors loving bloggers get together for the weekend in the North Yorkshire Moors? A mammoth hike, that’s what! The Lyke Wake Walk is a 40 mile linear walk across the North Yorkshire Moors, taking hikers from Osmotherly on the west side to Ravenscar on the east. The traditional route is pretty

TopDeck Turkey Diary Day 5 | Cappadocia

A continuation of my TopDeck Turkey diary. If you haven’t read the first post in the series yet go and start here.   As you already know, my full day in Cappadocia started incredibly early with a sunrise hot air balloon flight over the unique scenery of Goreme National Park. If you’ve not read my