Fossil Hunting at Runswick Bay

My bucket list is an enormous and hugely moveable beast. The older I get, the more things I do, the bigger the list gets. This is partly because I keep discovering things that sound like fun, but also because I am all to aware of the limitations of my life and actively search out things

Poem | The Boot Tree

My Dad is a super talented poet and I love to share his words when I can (read: Life is a Journey). He sent me this poem today as it goes with the first topic of my #SplodzFebPC photo challenge (hope you’re taking part) – boots. Here is “The Boot Tree”. The Boot Tree Now boots

Doing the Big Outdoor Bloggers Cleanup

As someone who loves to get outside as much as I can, litter is something that bothers me greatly. Whether I’m in town (read about my visit to Bridgnorth), by the sea or in the countryside, litter – especially plastic waste – is a massive issue. In an attempt to rally the troops and spread the load a little, Jenni

#SplodzFebPC – Daily Photo Challange for February

It’s nearly the end of the month and, because lots of you seem to like the idea of my #SplodzJanPC photo a day challenge, I’m back with a new set of themes (and a new hashtag #SplodzFebPC) ready for February to start.  Thanks so much to everyone who has been joining in with my daily photo challenge this month. It’s been awesome

One Hour Outside Challenge | February 2017

After getting such a fantastic response to my One Hour Outside campaign back in November, and hearing from lots of people saying how much it helped them get outside more in what is normally a dark and difficult month (thanks so much for all your comments, by the way!), I am bringing it back for what I think is

Five Apps All Grown-ups Need

Today we are treated to a post inspired by Shine Media to help us all feel a little bit more organised when we’re feeling super busy. Here are five apps you should check out if you don’t already use them…   Five Apps All Grown-ups Need Between work meetings, families, traffic and bills, life as an adult can

Walking from Beaulieu to Buckler’s Hard

Earlier this month I headed down to Southampton for tea. I do this at least a couple of times a year because, well, sometimes keeping in touch on the internet is just not good enough and you have to see friends in person. Rather than heading down just in time for dinner, I got up

Top Advice for Happy Feet – Become a Sock Snob

Whenever I am asked what my absolute top piece of advice is for those wishing to get outside more, I always say – “wear good socks”. Whether you want to go on a day hike or two, start a self-powered commute (walking or cycling), or simply want to spend more time out and about, the

Ten Ways to Cut Waste

Litter and waste in general is a huge issue, and one that seems to be high on the agenda at the moment. The amount of rubbish I throw away has always bothered me, and I am always on the lookout for ways I can do my bit to cut waste. I am a huge believer that

This is NOT Okay | Poo on the Viking Way

Getting outside for me is as much about exploring the trails close to where I live on a Saturday morning as it is about travelling further away for more organised or planned adventures. It’s just good to spend time at home, and I feel it is important to make an effort to get to know

Walking on a Glacier: Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure

You can’t ride along a famous road that takes you through 100 glaciers and not take some time to see one of them in a bit more detail, and so we’d checked into a lodge for a couple of nights to give us an opportunity to tick off walking on a glacier from our bucket

I’m a GetOutside Champion!

In case you missed it over on instagram the other day (go follow me if you haven’t already; loads of lovely views), I have been chosen as an Ordnance Survey’s GetOutside Champion for 2017, something I am rather happy about. Enjoying the seals at Donna Nook. A GetOutside Champion, as I’m sure you’re wondering, is someone