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Year in Photos – Week 22

Wednesday 28 May – My F650GS ready for the long trip back home after a few days in France. Thursday 29 May - Pixelated proof that my lettuce survived our long weekend away. Friday 30 May – Back to the healthy eating (briefly) with a nice bright green salad. Saturday 31 May – Working on a Saturday


A little while ago now SIGG changed me. Just a little bit. By introducing me to their “Ditch the Plastic” campaign they encouraged me to stop buying single-use plastic bottles of water in favour of carrying around one of their reusable aluminium bottles. Such a simple thing but something that makes an actual difference to

Year in Photos – Week 21

Wow week 21? This year is going FAST! Hope you’re enjoying my Year in Photos posts so far… Wednesday 21 May – Loving my new Brooks Cascadia 9 trainers (from Sports Shoes)… hoping they will help me get through the 10km run I’m doing soon. Thursday 22 May – Love these bike racks outside Halfords in Lincoln

Review: Naztech Vault Waterproof Case for iPhone

I love getting out and about, and on a normal day the weather won’t make any difference to that. Having some protection for my iPhone, which never leaves my side, when it’s raining is an absolute must. Knowing I always get rained on when I go away on my motorbike (it’s a given), and loving to

A Sensible Bucket List Item: Grow Your Own

Bucket list items don’t have to be adrenaline fuelled. Sometimes they can be totally sensible.   One such thing on my list is “grow and eat my own vegetables”. You know, plant something, grow it, harvest it, eat it.  I’ve always thought growing your own veg to be a skill that should be known by everyone. If there was

Year in Photos – Week 20

Wednesday 14 May – Not a bad cycle route to work - you can just about make out Lincoln Cathedral in the distance. Thursday 15 May – Oh how I would love to be messing about on the river on a day like today. Lucky chap! Friday 16 May – We’re seeing a lot of this

Review: Readly

Subscription services are definitely one of the biggest things right now. Think Spotify and Netflix – all the music and television box sets you could possibly want in one place, available whenever and wherever you want thanks to your smartphone or tablet. And now we have Readly – the newest subscription service – offering access to over 400 weekly and

Converse versus Vans

I mention Converse on here a lot. I love them. They are comfortable and I love the style. They go with everything and last for ages. But when a blogging friend from the States commented on my most recent post featuring Converse that he prefers Vans, it got me thinking. I wear both. There is no denying I

These are Dad’s Sweets – Personalised Kilner Jar from My 1st Years

It might be a month away (15th June, if you were wondering), but I’ve already started thinking about father’s day. With our big trip coming up and a number of birthdays and other celebrations being around that time, I want to make sure I’ve got everything organised so there is no last minute panic (or

Year in Photos – Week 19

Wednesday 7 May – Lincoln Cathedral in the evening sunshine. Thursday 8 May – Inside 2 Kingdom Street, Paddington, London (blog post on my visit coming soon!) Friday 9 May – As I was home alone today I made myself rice pudding for one with a rhubarb compote. Yum! Saturday 10 May – Sheep being

Photo Walk: Steep Hill, Lincoln

After reading this post over on Skybiker’s blog earlier, I decided a lunchtime walk was in order. Just a short walk to get some fresh air in the middle of the day – with my phone in hand of course to get some snaps of pretty things along the way. I was only out for half an

My Million to One – A Dream for A Dream

Alana Hurd wants to build a home for abandoned disabled children in Southern Africa. She was asked to help whilst volunteering in the area and so approached a couple of local charities in the area and they agreed to help by adopting the children and providing them a home on the proviso that Alana found money every

Year in Photos – Week 18

Wednesday 30 April – Don’t you just love it when a cake-baking-loving-colleague has a birthday?! Thursday 1 May – Does everyone keep emergency chocolate money in their desk drawer? Friday 2 May – Time keeping. Saturday 3 May - Trombone playing and bubble wrap popping at the SoundLincs B15 event at Lincolnshire Showground. Sadly no World Record

Photographs from a Lover of Mini-Adventures

I can’t get enough mini-adventures. I absolutely love having the opportunity to try something new, achieve something, do something a bit different. Don’t get me wrong; I adore big adventures too – but generally speaking my adventures tend to be quite small in nature, at least in duration. They are one-off experiences that give me a chance to try something new, achieve something,

Preparing for the Trip of a Lifetime

How do you prepare for the trip of a lifetime? I may well have mentioned previously that I am very nearly (seven weeks seven weeks seven weeks) about to embark on my trip of a lifetime. Something I have been dreaming about for years and years. I am incredibly excited about it. It’s been booked for well over a