Go Ape, Reviewed for Splodz Blogz

Splodz Blogz is full of product tests and reviews, and I love that part of what I do on here. It’s not what I created the blog for but it’s something that is fun to do – I always have something to write about.

In many cases I have been sent products (and services) for free to review. I do my best to make it clear in each post if I have been given the item or if it is something I have purchased myself.  I often get to keep the products, but I will only ever say what I really think of them.  As this is my personal blog I write posts myself based on my experiences and opinions of whatever it is, and take my own photography.

If you are interested in seeing something of yours reviewed on Splodz Blogz then please get in touchLikewise, if you have any suggestions of things you’d like to see reviewed on this blog please feel free to let me know – I’m always looking for ideas.

I have a page on me and my blog, please take a look if you think you have something I might be interested in reviewing.

First Attempt at Piping Butter Icing/Sugarcraft

Please note that when I test and review anything, whether I’ve been given it for free or bought it with my own money, I will (of course) be completely honest.  Reviews posted on my blog are my own opinion.

Sponsored Posts

I occasionally write sponsored posts. These are posts on general topics where a company has offered payment (this might be vouchers) or gifts in kind. These will be disclosed at the bottom of the relevant post. As with product reviews I will always be honest as the whole point of Splodz Blogz is to have somewhere to write what I think about things. Sometimes, rarely, sponsored posts have been written by the company themselves – again, I will make sure you know. Please note that I will not publish a sponsored or guest post on Splodz Blogz if I have been asked not to disclose the fact that it is paid for advertising; if there is no disclosure then it’s just me rambling away.