Casual Wedges for a Day on the Cobbles

When you live in a city where cobble stones are a regular feature on the streets, wedges are a vital part of a girl’s wardrobe. You get the height that you would from any pair of heels alongside the stability of having a flat sole. I normally think of wedges as being styled for a

Shoes – Flats for Going Out

I discovered the other evening that I have forgotten, completely lost the ability, to walk in high heels. I wore some old faithful black courts out for a meal with friends, and by the time I’d walked from my car to the pub where we all met my feet were killing me. I was very

Shoes: Wedge Trainers

I have been looking at the range of wedge high top trainers around at the moment for ages (and ages) – they’ve been around for a good while now now – wondering if I should. I am torn. I think I like the way they look. I like that they would give me some additional

Icelandic Volcano

I’m not sure that on Thursday many of us expected to still be talking about the volcano in Iceland this evening. The event has totally captured me.  I am fascinated by the way the ash has travelled so far, how it is still lingering after several days, how much chaos it has caused.  It is