Review: Wayveband (includes Discount Code)

I am not very good at wearing nice pretty dainty bracelets. I like them very much for going out but for normal wear they just get in the way, tap constantly on the desk while I’m typing, get stuck on my clothing, you know the sort of thing. I much prefer fitted bangles or wristbands

Year in Photos (23 Jun 11) – Eb Bass Mouthpiece

I’m loving the macro setting on my new little Finepix JZ510…although I’ve managed to get myself in this photo so I need to work on my angles! 23/06/11: Eb Bass Mouthpiece… not tried it yet!

Year in Photos (22 Jun 11) – Love, Hope and Pretty Things

This is currently my favourite bracelet – it’s the Jaipur Elastic Belts from Accessorize, five coloured bands with little charms on. 22/06/11: Love, hope and pretty things

Year in Photos (3 Feb 11)

Thursday night is band practice night… I enjoy playing my trombone and often wish I had time for more home practice – wouldn’t it be amazing to play like Joseph Alessi?!  But hey never mind – I can play, not as well as I could 15 years ago, but I get buy. Tonight I was

Year in Photos (6 Jun 2010)

Today continued our weekend with Hendon Band.  This afternoon they did a festival of music which once again showed them off as a group of incredible musicians who put a lot of work into their programmes. They featured a trombone and flugal ensemble, which was really very good. 06/06/10: Hendon Band’s trombone and flugal ensemble

Year in Photos (5 Jun 2010)

This weekend the band I’m in are hosting Hendon Band of the Salvation Army in Boston – they did a concert this afternoon but first we took a trip to the Municiple Building to meet the Mayor.  Hendon Band then marched back through the town to say hello to everyone 05/06/10: Marching through Boston

Year in Photos (13 May 2010)

I really enjoy playing my trombone. For the last few months I’ve been sat on bass trombone in the brass band I play in, which has been a great challenge for me but also good fun.  Tonight I moved back onto first trombone, which is a much more comfortable part for me (my range is