Review: Wayveband (includes Discount Code)

I am not very good at wearing nice pretty dainty bracelets. I like them very much for going out but for normal wear they just get in the way, tap constantly on the desk while I’m typing, get stuck on my clothing, you know the sort of thing. I much prefer fitted bangles or wristbands

Year in Photos (22 Jun 11) – Love, Hope and Pretty Things

This is currently my favourite bracelet – it’s the Jaipur Elastic Belts from Accessorize, five coloured bands with little charms on. 22/06/11: Love, hope and pretty things

Bracelet Heaven

I have never been one for dainty bangles or bracelets.  I’ve got some fab pieces that I love to wear and felt like sharing with Splodz Blogz readers this weekend. This is my everyday wear – both for work and casual.  I don’t normally wear them all at once – generally it’s either the green