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50 Days of Me Update

Time for another 50 Days of Me update… At the end of the week – what has been your highlight of this week? My highlight was definitely seeing LincsGeek graduate with his MSc at Lincoln Cathedral. Proud wife moment! What is the best book you have read recently? Victoria Pendleton – Between the Lines: My Autobiography.

50 Days of Me Update

I’ve been a bit slow with my 50 Days of Me updates over on twitter over the last week or so – it seemed right that I got myself up to date and posted an update on here instead. If you can help me with Day 12 or fancy commissioning me to make Day 14

50 Days of Me

I love a challenge, and this year my New Years Resolution is all about being true to myself, so naturally I have been intrigued by the #50daysofme tag that is being used on twitter at the moment. 50 Days of Me is a fun challenge set by Jennie Frost of Beauty Cocoon which is meant to