A Standup Paddleboard (SUP) Lesson

SUP – Standup Paddleboarding (or stand up paddleboarding or stand-up paddle boarding or however you are actually supposed to write it) – has been on my bucket list for a little while. I have always loved water sports and this is one of the few I haven’t had the opportunity to try. That was until

Learning to Snowboard with Snozone

Learning to snowboard has been on my list for quite a few years now. Earlier in the year I put it on my list of Goals and Challenges for 2014 to try and make certain that I got around to it after a failed attempt when on my last ski holiday (the “learn to snowboard”

Cable Ski at Center Parcs

One of the activities I pre-booked for our last break in Center Parcs (read my hints and tips post here) was Cable Ski. I’d seen it in action when we were there a couple of years ago but due to no slots being available (it’s always best to book activities like that before you go),

A Winter Holiday in Ruka, Finland

We fancied a different kind of skiing holiday this year. It took us months to decide where to go. We’ve been to Arinsal in Andorra for a couple of years and thoroughly enjoyed it, but we have really outgrown the slopes and felt it was time to move on. With only a week of annual

Review: The North Face Women’s Honee Snugs Delux Parka

LincsGeek and I are fairly new to the skiing game. We went on our first ski holiday just three years ago after some ski lessons at snozone. Before that first holiday we kitted ourselves up as cheaply as we could – we wanted good quality at low cost, and so bought coat, pants, gloves, socks

Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot

I’ve had my eyes on the Joseph Joseph Chop 2 Pot chopping board for a while. Actually it’s LincsGeek’s fault – he saw them originally and said how useful one would be, and I brushed him off saying nah our normal chopping boards are just fine. But the more I thought about it the more

Year in Photos (22 Dec 11) – Cafe Things

Saw this sign… well yes! 22/12/11: We sell cafe things

It's Started Snowing!

Don’t panic! Not in England yet!  But there is snow in Whistler, and even in Arinsal… the new snow sports season is nearly here. And of course that means that the new ski wear ranges are hitting the shops – there are some really fab designs about, and despite the fact that my ski stuff