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#BEDN 7 > 10 Things

Today is a list day on BEDN – right up my street! We’ve not been given any particular topic, but have simply been asked to share 10 things. I have turned to my things to do list, something I started a good few years ago now to motivate me to try new things and set

Some To Do List Additions

A few weeks ago I posted on twitter and facebook asking for to do list inspiration. I felt like giving my list a bit of an update – it’s time to add some things to it to give me new motivation. And (naturally) you didn’t disappoint! I already had some notes things I’ve thought of

A Things To Do List Update

The beginning of the year is always a good time to update my big list of things to do – my bucket list – the list that gives me plenty of challenges, plenty of things to aim for, plenty of things to think about. Last year (doesn’t 2012 seem like a long time ago?!) I

Segway Experience

This weekend I have ticked another thing off my THINGS TO DO LIST (which I would update but I can’t find my memory stick with the Word doc on it anywhere – argh! – update to come when pen drive is found!).  I received a voucher for a Segway Experience for my 30th last November,

Bucket List Update

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve booked a few bucket list things in the diary and also added a few more to the list, so I thought I should update the document on my blog. VISIT MY THINGS TO DO PAGE HERE One of the things I’ve added is to learn to play Trombonology

My Bucket List

Anyone who knows me or who has followed this blog for a while knows I have a “things to do list”.  This is something I wrote when I was about 25 as a list of challenges/things to experience by the time I was 30 (to make the most of my 20s), but the list got

Another Things to Do Update

It’s been a little while since I did an update on here of my Things to Do list.  So I’ve been through it, added some more stuff people have suggested, and updated the file on my Things to Do page.  The next thing waiting to turn green on there is Karting, which is booked for