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Up for the Big Blog Exchange 2014

Life is all about the journey. The challenge is to make the most of each day, to spend time learning, experiencing and trying. It’s for this reason that I have entered the Big Blog Exchange again this year, to hopefully open the door to one amazing adventure in November. Hostelling International are once again giving 16 passionate bloggers the

Some Goals and Challenges for 2014

Now that 2014 is well under way I thought it was about time that I gave some real thought to what my goals for the year should be. The reason I am doing this now is because I have been incredibly inspired by a few people I follow on twitter. Inspired to consider what my

A Spontaneous Weekend

I received an email earlier in the week from Lastminute.com with a little challenge… they asked me to write a blog post about the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done. Yea I know they asked with the motive of me promoting something they’ve got going on at the moment (more on that at the end),

Defeated by Spires and Steeples 2013

Today I have mostly been sat on my sofa, nursing sore knees and a sore back, moping a bit. Yesterday was the annual Spires and Steeples Challenge, a fantastic local running and walking event taking people from Lincoln to Sleaford via lots of lovely Lincolnshire villages along riverside paths, through farms, along country lanes and

I Actually Rode a Horse!

A couple of weeks ago I introduced Britain’s Personal Best here on Splodz Blogz; a scheme aiming to recapture the motivation created by London 2012 by encouraging us to challenge ourselves. My personal challenge, the thing that Britain’s Personal Best inspired me to do, was to ride a horse. Relatively simple compared to many of

Some To Do List Additions

A few weeks ago I posted on twitter and facebook asking for to do list inspiration. I felt like giving my list a bit of an update – it’s time to add some things to it to give me new motivation. And (naturally) you didn’t disappoint! I already had some notes things I’ve thought of

Haven’t You Grown?! How I’ve Changed Linky Challenge.

What were you doing 30 years ago? How have you changed in the last 30 years? Well I know I’ve changed quite a bit… although some tell me I’m still recognisable. 30 years ago I was just three years old, so the fact I’ve changed a lot since then is probably a very good thing!

Inspired by Adventure

Life is all about the journey. This has been my mantra for a long time. It is something I believe. Something I strive to remember daily. Something that prompts me to focus on things and enjoy them to the full. I wear it on my blog. I wear it on my wrist. It’s on my

What’s in Your Pocket? A Blogger Challenge

You put on a coat you’ve not worn for a while. Slip your hand in the pocket. Unexpectedly find a folded up £20 note. Oooo yay!  Let’s face it, there is very little chance that I would ever find a forgotten £20 anywhere. A couple of quid maybe, but not £20. I might, however, gain

Weight Watchers: Move More, Sit Less

Our Blog Ambassador challenge this week has been move more, sit less. We were encouraged to stand up more, walk around more and generally exercise more. At the beginning of the week I ordered 30 Day Shred, a workout DVD by Jillian Michaels that I have been told over and over again really gets results.

Weight Watchers: Back from Holiday

I made it clear in my last post about my Weight Watchers journey that I would not be counting while on holiday. For LincsGeek and I food on holiday is a very important part of the experience – we enjoy our food, enjoy eating out, enjoy finding a restaurant we love and going back to

A Blogging Secret Santa Challenge

There is much excitement in my office at the moment. We have each pulled out a name from a hat (an actual Santa hat) so we know who we are to be Secret Santa for. The big exchange of £5 gifts will take place next Wednesday when each of us gets to see whether our colleagues know us at

2012 in 2012 – November Update

I have tried really hard this month. At the end of October I realised that I was really going to have to get my wiggle on if I was going to complete this challenge. The number of kilometres left to do was looking fine, I was still technically ahead of the game as far as

Go Ape Tree Top Adventure

The forest looks awesome from up in the trees doesn’t it? Not seen it from forty foot up? You should… A couple of weekends ago my sister and I were treated to a Tree Top Adventure courtesy of the lovely people at Go Ape. They have recently launched gift vouchers and so they gave me

2012 in 2012 – October Update

I’m a bit disappointed in myself really. I nearly didn’t put a 2012 km in 2012 challenge update on my blog, but it’s been a couple of months so I thought I should. Over the last eight weeks I’ve only managed just over 200 km, the vast majority of being done inside on my exercise