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{ Sunday Soliloquy } Some Valentine’s Day Thoughts

[ so·lil·o·quy – the act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers ] I doubt that the significance of yesterday’s date passed you buy. St Valentine’s Day, a day when traditionally we are encouraged to treat our loved one to something special to demonstrate how much we love them.

Giveaway: Walking Goodies from #MySwissKit

Knowing that I enjoy a good walk, Inntravel sent me a little Switzerland-themed present this week. Inntravel specialise in slow holidays, that is to say, holidays which reveal the lesser-taken path and which offer a truly individual holiday experience. I love the idea of a walking holiday. A couple of years ago I stayed in a

What’s Your Living Room Talent?

According to an article I read recently, one of the top things people regret never doing is mastering an awesome party trick. You know the sort of silly thing I’m talking about – an impression, a magic trick, being able to contort your body into some weird shape, spinning a plate on your finger…  …then Maltesers emailed me to tell

A Very Cute Ring Holder

Do you buy Easter eggs for your family and friends every year? How about in 2014 choosing a healthier alternative? Something still Easter related, but without all that sugar and all those calories? I’m not against Easter Eggs or chocolate in general (feel free to send some my way!), but something else might be money

Sleep Well Chocolate Bunny x

I am very sad to post that our gorgeous little Chocolate died this morning.  At six-and-a-half she was considered old but not in my eyes. Sleep well little bunny. Your cuddles and escapades will be greatly missed.

Review: Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations Cola Pretzel Honeycomb

Is this the strangest Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations creation yet? It’s the one with Cola, Pretzel and Honeycomb. I bought some a little bit ago to share with LincsGeek. Sharing a big bar of Marvellous Creations, with it’s wonky uneven shaped pieces, is actually very difficult. The bar doesn’t break neatly into even strips of chocolate

Review: Quality Street Green Triangle Desserts

A little while ago I spotted new Quality Street Toffee Penny Desserts in my local Tesco Express. LincsGeek and I were really very impressed – he knew what the dessert was supposed to be without having seen the packaging, and we’ve had several of them since. So when I was given the opportunity to try

Review: New Limited Edition Pringles

I have the pleasure of working with lots of brands and organisations through Splodz Blogz, and every now and again a PR company will do something that really makes me smile. Earlier in the week I received a package that did just that – made me smile, made me sit up and notice, made me

Recipe: Nutella Brownies

This photo is one of the most popular things I’ve posted on instagram, twitter and facebook this year… …it shows the result of my Nutella Brownie experiment earlier in the week. Looks good, huh?! A friend reposted a recipe over on facebook that offered me the chance to make brownies using just three ingredients. I

Some Shoes, Some Memories and an Outfit

I came across these chocolate brown Dkode Mysie shoes when I was browsing the Spartoo website for my last feature on autumnal tan coloured shoes. They caught my attention because they reminded me of a pair I had as a teenager – they were lower than these but the styling is very similar and they

Review: Ben & Jerry’s Core Peanut Butter Me Up (Bzz Review)

I am a Bzz Agent and this is a Bzz Review… I hit the jackpot with bzz campaigns recently when I was asked to try the Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Me Up Core tub. Er… that took very little consideration! I love my ice cream, and very much enjoy a tub (well, half at

Pimp My Snack – Oreo Cookie Cake

I love Oreos. They are amazing. The best biscuit around I reckon, even better than a caramel chocolate digestive, and they’re pretty good! In America, where they are the country’s number one selling biscuit, you can get all kinds of flavours, and of course Double Stuff ones too. They are the perfect accompaniment to a