Snacking for Pros – Energy Boosters Between Meals

Snacking has poor PR. We are constantly being told to stop it, stick with three healthy meals per day. For some, looking after our teeth, gut, muscles and mind is all about eating lean and clean. But I think snacking rocks. It’s awesome. Not only does it help bridge the gap between meals (I can’t

Inspiration Comes from Living

My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living. Anais Nin What inspires you? Perhaps it is seeing someone else – someone you love or just someone you’ve ‘met’ on twitter – accomplish something great. How about witnessing someone overcome adversity of some kind. Or maybe it’s the sheer beauty of

#BEDN 14 > Workspace – My Blogging Office

Want to see my blogging office? Well here it is… As you can see I am an iPad girl, with a bluetooth keyboard (thanks to Black Friday last year) to make things nice and easy and a very useful Spider Podium to give me a good view of my screen. I also have my phone

Review: iPhone 5 Dock from Mobile Fun

Docks are designed to allow you to sync and charge your phone while it is sat upright on your desk or bedside table. This one (showing off my very dusty iPhone!) is from Mobile Fun. The dock is good for charging and syncing your phone with your computer, as well as plugging into the mains

Cordies Cable Tidy

The second Quirky product I was sent to try by Find Me A Gift (the other one is here) was this Cordies Cable Tidy. It is designed to sit on your computer desk and keep all your cables organised. I was sent the metal version of the product which has a really nice look to

Erasable Memo Pad & USB Hub

If you’re anything like me then your office desk is often covered in Post-It notes or little scraps of paper with “call this person later” or “do this tomorrow” or (most importantly) “don’t forget your shopping is in the fridge”. I wouldn’t function without my lists and notes, I just can’t seem to remember anything

Year in Photos (23 Nov 11) – Mug

My mug and make-do coaster at work – it’s well used! 23/11/11: Tea day

Food Doctor Wholesome Pots

As winter sets in what we eat during the day becomes even more important than in the summer.  Those of us who eat at work might find that a sandwich or salad just doesn’t give us what we need – we need something warm, something filling, something that isn’t chips from the local pub!  And

Year in Photos (30 Nov 2010)

We pretty much completed the move into our new building at work today… so I thought rather than using a photo of the snow for my Year in Photos snap today I’d share a pic of my new desk all set up and ready to start some proper work tomorrow. (Snow pics to come a

Year in Photos (7 Oct 2010)

In my last job, when my friend Linda left the company to move to London, she bought me this snowglobe.  She said I had to keep it on my desk at work to remind me of her… and of course I have done that. Thanks Linda 🙂 07/10/10: Snowglobe

Year in Photos (22 April 2010)

I like to keep my desk at work tidy and free of papers.  If it starts to get messy it is safe to assume I’m getting unorganised and probably frustrated with something… I just can’t work amidst a load of stuff, it has to be ordered. So why is it that at the end of

Year in Photos (10 Jan 2010)

I struggled with today’s photograph as I’ve not done anything all day.  It’s not very often that I spend a whole day inside, but today I have been able to do just that – it’s been lovely!  Some friends suggested a photo of where I’ve been all day… Sunday 10 January 2010  10/01/10: I’ve had