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Book Review: How to Eat Loads and Stay Slim

How to Eat Loads and Stay Slim is the second book by author Peter Jones – you may remember him from such blog posts as How To Do Everything AND Be Happy, a self-help book designed to help you change your life. This new book is very similar in its aim, but very specifically looks

Review: Cooking with Quark

Quark is a naturally fat free spoon-able soft cheese. The Lake District Dairy Company, who have launched their new range of Quark in the last week, sent me a hamper of goodies so I could try using it in one savoury and one sweet recipe. Quark is actually a completely new ingredient to me –

Weight Watchers: Work Place Weight Loss

There are many things that make losing weight difficult. Motivation to eat healthily and exercise more comes and goes for all of us for many reasons. Sometimes it’s the weather – how hard is it to say no to a big baked potato at lunch time or a massive hot chocolate in the afternoon with our current

Weight Watchers: Carefree Eating and Special Occasions

I’m told that sometimes we all need a break. Whether it’s from work, from chores, from exercise, from anything and everything. Well this week, it is fair to say, I have taken a break from Weight Watchers. For various reasons on Wednesday I ate and ate and ate and ate. Then on Thursday I was

Weight Watchers: A Week of Breakfasts

This week I was challenged by Weight Watchers to eat breakfast daily. I said last week that I am very bad at eating breakfast – I’m in too much of a rush in the mornings and besides don’t really fancy anything to eat. But I did, because it was a challenge. I had a selection

Review: Special K Biscuit Moments – Chocolate

When I reviewed new Special K Biscuit Moments last year I instantly became a regular purchaser – I loved the strawberry biscuit bars, they are sweet, satisfying, and remind me of Pop Tarts. I received a box of the newest flavour in the post the other day – chocolate – and I couldn’t wait to

Weight Watchers: Back from Holiday

I made it clear in my last post about my Weight Watchers journey that I would not be counting while on holiday. For LincsGeek and I food on holiday is a very important part of the experience – we enjoy our food, enjoy eating out, enjoy finding a restaurant we love and going back to

Weight Watchers: Week One Success

I’ve been following the Weight Watchers Pro Points plan for a week now. I have been doing my best to keep within my daily points allowance, keeping those weekly points for extra things like treats and eating out. It worked just about ok – even with a couple of meals out (when I really didn’t

Weight Watchers: Getting Organised

It’s 1st January 2013 and so the start of a brand new year. You already know my New Year’s resolution is about being true to myself. Part of that will absolutely be about being more healthy – eating better, exercising more, you know the sort of thing. So the fact that I’m a Weight Watchers

See it, Want it, Eat it – Weight Watchers New Approach

Last week I took a day off work and hopped on the direct train from Lincoln to London to make use of my invitation to a blogger event hosted by Weight Watchers. Apart from discovering what I think is now my favourite café in London – Drink Shop Do just round the corner from Kings

The Experiment is Complete – Jenny Craig Week 4

It is finished. I completed my four week Jenny Craig free trial thanks to that blog competition. I will be honest and say I have definitely not been a model dieter. I’ve had days off, eaten starchy vegetables, had the odd slice of cake. But I have still found it very interesting and have learnt

Many Sweets and a New Lasagne – Jenny Craig Week 2

It’s the end of week two of my Jenny Craig experiment and I am half happy to report that I’ve had a 1lb loss. Not brilliant. But a loss. Halloween means there is massive temptation to eat sweets in the office as well as at home. I’ve not had as many as I would have done

I’m Actually Not Hungry – Jenny Craig Week 1

Last weekend I introduced you to the fact that I’m giving the Jenny Craig diet plan a go over the next few weeks thanks to a competition win. The night before I started the programme I had pretty much already decided that I’d failed, but that I was going to try my best to get

An Experiment in Willpower – Jenny Craig

A few weeks back I took part, and was runner up, in a blog competition for Jenny Craig. The runners up prize was a voucher for She Active, which I look forward to spending, plus a 28 day free trial of the Jenny Craig Diet. So that’s what I’m doing this month. I have never tried


Ryvita. Oblongs of dry cardboard you only eat if you’re really trying to lose weight and starving yourself. Or that is the connotation. It’s not something I’ve ever been out and bought – I don’t really think they’re made of cardboard, they have simply never appealed. But the nice people at Ryvita thought I should