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{ Sunday Soliloquy } What Caught my Eye in the News this Week

[ so·lil·o·quy – the act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers ] Aside from all the very serious news of death and terrorism and politics and the economy, there have been a whole host of other stories in the news that have caught my attention this week. So I thought

Some Goals and Challenges for 2014

Now that 2014 is well under way I thought it was about time that I gave some real thought to what my goals for the year should be. The reason I am doing this now is because I have been incredibly inspired by a few people I follow on twitter. Inspired to consider what my

Commuting by Bicycle

At the beginning of July, roadworks on a set of major junctions and a bridge between our house and work began. Lasting an expected 20 weeks, the works promises much disruption to our 15-20 minute commute, including right turn bans, road closures, temporary traffic lights, and all the other things associated with massive highways projects.

Top 25 Summer Workout Tips for Families from LA Fitness

It’s the school holidays and if you’ve got the kids at home, keeping fit is probably the last thing on your mind.  But it’s important to keep active even with the kids around, so here are some great summer workout tips for families…  1. Forget the weight and concentrate on the exercise This is important,

Not going to Gym for the Win

I was given the opportunity a little while ago now to join a local gym of my choice for one month to test out membership and write about its value for a MoneySupermarket.com Gym for the Win scheme. The idea is to see whether joining a gym is worth it. Is it worth spending money

Review: Maxitone Protein Shake

Maxitone Definitiy is a protein shake designed for women to help support our body toning goals. It is high in vitamin C, iron and magnesium, and is a great source of fibre. I have been using this rather scary looking tub of shake mix after exercising for the last few weeks, and while I’ve not

Weight Watchers: Must Do Better

A good friend pointed out this afternoon that I’m not really a good advocate for the Weight Watchers programme. She’s quite right. I have neglected it somewhat over the last two or maybe three weeks.  I started so well. I like a challenge and being a Weight Watchers Blog Ambassador was the perfect opportunity to

Weight Watchers: Move More, Sit Less

Our Blog Ambassador challenge this week has been move more, sit less. We were encouraged to stand up more, walk around more and generally exercise more. At the beginning of the week I ordered 30 Day Shred, a workout DVD by Jillian Michaels that I have been told over and over again really gets results.

Salomon Womens XR Mission Shoes

Over the last few weeks I’ve been wearing these Salomon Womens XR Mission Shoes to see what they’re like. They are my first pair of Salomons, a brand I’ve always wanted to wear on my feet (LincsGeek has a pair of Salomon walking boots and I’ve always been a tad jealous of those) – I

The Biggest Loser Cookbook

I don’t mind admitting that I’m a big fan of the television series The Biggest Loser. I also don’t mind admitting that I find the USA and Australian versions much more enjoyable than the UK one. The UK series seems somehow muted, a bit half hearted, when you compare them to its overseas counterparts. But

2012 in 2012

Earlier this week I wrote about how I was finding the idea of training for the MoonWalk quite daunting. I was worried about how I was going to get into a routine, how I was going to find time to train properly, and how I was going to focus my training to make sure I

Davina For Next Preview

Well it’s nearly the end of 2011… thinking about those New Year’s Resolutions yet?  Got big plans for 2012 that require a stunning outfit?  Do you have to choose your outfits based on what you own that fits rather than what you own that will knock them dead?!  Maybe you’re sat at your computer right