We have been going to Center Parcs nearly every other year for quite a few years. The main reason is that it is a great place for families and friends who live far apart to come together for a week of socialising and fun. It is a bonus to me that I can use the


I have always been a huge advocate of exploring nature’s spaces close to where I live. While I do enjoy travelling far and wide to enjoy the great outdoors at the top of mountains or on multi-day adventures, I still consider myself an “at home outdoors lover”, someone who absolutely sees the benefit of getting

My Week in Photos 23 to 29 Dec 2013

Unsurprisingly, most of my photos this week have a Christmas theme… Table set for Christmas dinner. Christmas Dinner at home. Lemon meringue ice cream (home made Vienetta!). Read the recipe. I received a beautiful Mondaine Swiss Railway Watch from LincsGeek – very happy Splodz! Playing games with the family. I hope you have all had

Review: New Walkers Hoops and Crosses

Everyone loves to play. Adults included. Whether it’s having a go on the swings at the park (please tell me you like the swings!), enjoying a bit of Scrabble or Pictionary in the evening, or tap tap tapping away at The Simpsons Tapped Out on your iPad, playing is a fantastic way to relax, to

Two iPad Games: The Tribez and Simpsons Tapped Out

I’ve been meaning to blog about the two iPad games I’m completely addicted to for a while – ever since I started playing them in September last year. Unfortunately every time I’ve thought “I must write that blog post” I’ve ended up playing the games rather than opening iA writer. Oops. I downloaded both games

Review: Answer Buzzers for Family Quiz Time

I love a good quiz. I’m not very good at answering the questions so I tend to set the questions. In fact I’m currently working on a few simple questions for a short quiz to be presented at my church New Year event on Monday evening. I was sent these Answer Buzzers through the Blog

Draw Something

Draw Something is the latest app to hit the games app market. Everyone seems to be talking about it. I blame my sister. She told me to download it a week or so ago. We always enjoyed Pictionary when we were kids (and still do) and this is just perfect. The premise of the game

Toy Balls are Addictive

Like Angry Birds?  Were you addicted?  Not played it recently?  You need Toy Balls in your life! A free app for the iPhone (£1.19 for iPad), Toy Balls is a simple little game by Cazual Games.  A friend told me I just had to get this game… and she was right. The idea is very

Year in Photos (18 Jan 11)

This evening I joined a netball club.  Yes I did!  One has been set up at work and after a taster session during “healthy week” last year I was really pleased it has been.  I remember playing and enjoying it at school. I don’t, however, remember it being quite so exhausting.  I mean, yesterday I

Whirly Word Record?

Back in August I blogged about Whirly Word, a iPhone app word game by Mighty Mighty Good Games.  You should read it and download the app coz it’s really good and very addictive. Well this game has become very popular in my house and amongst my friends.  My husband has just finished a game –

Year in Photos (5 Sep 2010)

Sunday was a very busy day but we did find time for spot of table tennis in the afternoon. We weren’t very good… spent most of the time running around picking up the ball from the other end of the room. 05/09/10: Ping pong

Whirly Word

Want another addictive game for your iPhone/iPod?  Already enjoy Words with Friends and other word games?  Try this – Whirly Word. Recommended to me the other day by a friend, this is a really simple but really good word puzzle app from iTunes.  The idea of Whirly Word is to get all the possible words