A hash, in my house, is a meal we will have when we have a random selection of leftovers to use up. Otherwise known as a “pile of slop”, it’s a meal eaten from a bowl served with either some gorgeous warm bread or a couple of Yorkshire puddings. It really is the definition of

Recipe | Gammon Risotto

Risottos are one of my mid-week “go to” meals. They are simple, fairly quick, and only use one pan. They are also pretty healthy when you cook them this way… Ok so I admit this is probably not a proper risotto – there is no cream, no butter, not even any crème fraiche. In fact I don’t

Recipe | Turkey and Gammon Pie

I’m probably a bit late to inspire you how to use your Christmas turkey and ham leftovers by now, but some of you have been asking me to post this recipe so I’ll do it now in readiness for Christmas 2013! I reckon it’d make an excellent meal any time of year, of course. This

Year in Photos (22 Feb 2010)

A number of people who read my blog have commented recently that the best photos are those where food is the subject… I’m not sure I totally agree but have to say I do love my food! So here is one (even though it’s a grainy iPhone pic) for your tastebuds today. 22/02/10: Gammon for