Review: Nokia Lumia 1320

Following my review of the Nokia Lumia 925 I was given an opportunity to try out another one of Nokia’s smartphone offerings – the Lumia 1320. I was loaned a bright yellow one to try out for a couple of weeks. As all my reviews here on Splodz Blogz are based on my own personal

Not going to Gym for the Win

I was given the opportunity a little while ago now to join a local gym of my choice for one month to test out membership and write about its value for a Gym for the Win scheme. The idea is to see whether joining a gym is worth it. Is it worth spending money

Review: Ozeri Serafino Glasses

These glass tumblers are made by a company called Ozeri. You may have seen Ozeri feature on lots of UK blogs over the last few weeks as, while they are already established in th USA, they are currently expanding into the UK. They are actually a supplier to the hotel industry, but also design contemporary products

Seeing the Northern Lights

When we went to Ruka in Finland a couple of weeks ago we knew there was a chance that we might see the Northern Lights. The Aurora Borealis is a natural light display in the sky particularly in Arctic and Antarctic regions, caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the thermosphere.

Review: J2O Fridge Pack

I am a BzzAgent and this is a Bzz Review… I was recently sent on one of the new J2O Fridge Packs to try at home. I am already a fan of J2O, I enjoy the juice drinks very much and, even though they are very sweet, they are something nice to have when I

Snap Happy: 19th September


Snap Happy BritMums: 24th May

Water Use the tag SnapHappyBritMums here on Splodz Blogz to find all the photos from May.

Fentimans Rose Lemonade

Fentimans is a producer of traditional drinks in glass bottles – from Curiosity Cola and Ginger Beer to my favourite drink ever – Victorian Lemonade. This is their Rose Lemonade.  It is available in 750ml bottles and I got mine from Tesco. I wondered what the addition of rose would be, and it does really

Year in Photos (17 Mar 11)

I took an iPhone snap in Eskimoos earlier but decided it wasn’t good enough for my blog – I wanted to post something a bit more arty today.  So I sat looking around me… glass of milk anyone? 17/03/11: The cows want it back  

Year in Photos (2 Mar 11)

We’re supposed to drink copious amounts of water every day to help keep us healthy… I do my best but sometimes tea and juice or fizz are much more interesting! 02/03/11: Water