Review: Lumia 735 – The “Selfie” Phone

The selfie is arguably one of the biggest photography trends of 2014 – and I suspect it will get even bigger in 2015.They are everywhere. You might not take them yourself (or admit to it), but I guarantee your family and friends do – social media is crammed full of “look at me” snaps, in all

Airstep Becomes A.S.98

There is no doubting it: autumn is here. There was even a hint of ground frost this morning as the overnight temperature grazed just a couple of degrees above freezing. The perfect excuse to pull out your favourite parka – like this one from Esprit. The thing I love about coats like this is that they can

Review: Wooden Watches by JORD – Earth, Soil, Land

Do you wear a time piece on your wrist? With office life being dictated very much by the clock, a watch is a necessary element of corporate uniform. For many people it is much more than that – it is a fashion accessory, a statement, a piece of art. Most watch cases and straps are


A little while ago now SIGG changed me. Just a little bit. By introducing me to their “Ditch the Plastic” campaign they encouraged me to stop buying single-use plastic bottles of water in favour of carrying around one of their reusable aluminium bottles. Such a simple thing but something that makes an actual difference to

Review: Wrappz Personalised iPhone 5 Case

Personalised bits and bobs make great present ideas; Wrappz specialise in personalised skins and cases for phones, tablets, e-readers and other similar things – and the simple online user interface means it is an absolute doddle to create a unique product for yourself or someone else. Wrappz got in touch to see if I’d like

Review: Quality Street Green Triangle Desserts

A little while ago I spotted new Quality Street Toffee Penny Desserts in my local Tesco Express. LincsGeek and I were really very impressed – he knew what the dessert was supposed to be without having seen the packaging, and we’ve had several of them since. So when I was given the opportunity to try

Review: Ozeri Green Earth Wok

You might remember a little bit back I was sent a really nice lime green frying pan that boasted environmentally friendly credentials. I liked the green earth frying pan from Ozeri and have continued to use it regularly since I received it to review. This time I have the frying pan’s much larger cousin, a

Blue or Green?

I have a difficult question for you. Blue or Green? I’m talking Dr Martens shoes. Their traditional 1460 8-eye ankle boots have been given all sorts of patterned incarnations over the years; but sometimes a nice solid dark colour is the best way to spend your money wisely but still have something a bit different

Brabantia Pimp Our Print

Brabantia have launched an international competition to showcase new designers’ talent… they want you to “pimp their print”! They are asking people to to create a successor to the Brabantia iconic Patrice design, created by Patrice van Uden in 1970. That design has been Brabantia’s most popular for 40 years, but now it is time

Review: Herb Plants by Post from Gardening Express

A few weeks ago Gardening Express saw that I was attempting to grow some herbs from seeds (they’re doing well, by the way, I’ll stick a photo on instagram later), and as a result offered to send me a selection of herbs all ready to plant out in my garden. How could I say no? Gardening

Air Step Solaris Sandals

It looks like it’s going to be the third hottest summer on record, which – let’s face it – is pretty much what I asked for. Ok so I didn’t ask for the humidity leading to feeling more sweaty doing everyday tasks than I think I ever have done on a 10km run (not to

Review: Personalised Kitchen Herb Crate

If you follow any of my social media accounts you’ll know that last week I had this rather lovely personalised herb crate delivered courtesy of Find me a Gift.  The gift is a small wooden apple crate, painted in one of a number of colours (you choose) and with the letters of your choice printed