Three Days Without Chewing. My NOSH Detox Experience.

I was recently contacted by NOSH who had seen my various ramblings about food and bloating and energy levels and other things. They offered me the opportunity to try their three day beginner’s fast. They thought their juice detox would be the ideal way for me to stop, take a break, and give my eating

Walk to Work Week

How far do you live away from work? I live around 4.5 miles from the office, which on any normal day is a bit far to walk. But as I’m a) training for the Lyke Wake Walk and b) it’s walk to work week, I thought it was compulsory! Actually I admit I shall not be commuting

Recipe | Cauliflower Rice… “Caulirice”

After the success of Courgetti, a vegetable alternative to pasta that has become a regular feature of mealtimes in our house, this week I decided to try another similar alternative. Cauliflower rice – or “caulirice” – is a low calorie and gluten free alternative to rice that can be used to accompany meals wherever you

Review: Breakfast Delivery

A few weeks ago, before she went off to see the world (you are following Tara’s travels over on Rise and Shine Paps aren’t you?), Tara gave me a code to try the new breakfasts. I do like a bowl of porridge, and all this cycling is making me very hungry, so naturally I logged into

Not going to Gym for the Win

I was given the opportunity a little while ago now to join a local gym of my choice for one month to test out membership and write about its value for a Gym for the Win scheme. The idea is to see whether joining a gym is worth it. Is it worth spending money

Review: Laughing Cow Light with Emmental

One of my “go to” healthy lunches or suppers is Ryvita with soft cheese and either grapes or beetroot. Simple, good for me, and filling. Since trying out The Laughing Cow Light with Blue in aid of Splodz Blogz a little while ago that has been my cheese of choice – one triangle per Ryvita.

Weight Watchers: Work Place Weight Loss

There are many things that make losing weight difficult. Motivation to eat healthily and exercise more comes and goes for all of us for many reasons. Sometimes it’s the weather – how hard is it to say no to a big baked potato at lunch time or a massive hot chocolate in the afternoon with our current

Weight Watchers: Carefree Eating and Special Occasions

I’m told that sometimes we all need a break. Whether it’s from work, from chores, from exercise, from anything and everything. Well this week, it is fair to say, I have taken a break from Weight Watchers. For various reasons on Wednesday I ate and ate and ate and ate. Then on Thursday I was

Weight Watchers: Move More, Sit Less

Our Blog Ambassador challenge this week has been move more, sit less. We were encouraged to stand up more, walk around more and generally exercise more. At the beginning of the week I ordered 30 Day Shred, a workout DVD by Jillian Michaels that I have been told over and over again really gets results.

Weight Watchers: Getting Organised

It’s 1st January 2013 and so the start of a brand new year. You already know my New Year’s resolution is about being true to myself. Part of that will absolutely be about being more healthy – eating better, exercising more, you know the sort of thing. So the fact that I’m a Weight Watchers

Popchips Thai Sweet Chilli

Popchips are crisps that are popped. Like corn. Not fried. Or baked. Popped. Interesting. They sent me a bag of their new Thai Sweet Chilli flavour to try in a really cute box – actually it’s the first time any crisps sent in the post have arrived really well intact. The popchips website explains: Popping


Ryvita. Oblongs of dry cardboard you only eat if you’re really trying to lose weight and starving yourself. Or that is the connotation. It’s not something I’ve ever been out and bought – I don’t really think they’re made of cardboard, they have simply never appealed. But the nice people at Ryvita thought I should