hot chocolate

Review: Weight Watchers Instant Hot Chocolate

I love hot chocolate. But I am totally fussy. It has to be proper hot chocolate, made with hot milk. Weight Watchers sent me some of their instant hot chocolate to see what I thought. Instant hot chocolate like this is a great way to warm up and get a sweet chocolate fix without many

Rocket Fuel Self-Heating Coffee

This was an interesting cup of coffee I was sent to review.  Not only is it supposed to wake you up and give you energy, it’s also “self-heating”. Rocket Fuel is the sort of thing you might drink the morning after the night before AND you’re running really late/don’t have a kettle to hand. I

Year in Photos (31 Mar 11)

Where is the year going?!  A quarter of it done… is it summer time yet?! I finished today by having my first taste of white hot chocolate, courtesy of this from Whittards.  And it was really (really) yummy.  It’s got a slightly malty flavour.  A very good way to relax at the end of a long tiring

Hot Vimto

The good people at Vimto would like to suggest that hot chocolate should move along and out of the way… and that we should replace it with a mug of hot Vimto this winter. Vimto have seen that all things North are the talk of the town at the moment – Agyness Dean and Henry