Review: Bounce Espresso Ground Coffee

This is a review written by my father, David Radford, who was very happy to give Bounce Coffee a test on my behalf. With the explosion of varieties available these days, coffee lovers I fear are heading for confused overload and will eventually crave ultimate relief in a simple cup of instant! Not only do we need

Review: Weight Watchers Instant Hot Chocolate

I love hot chocolate. But I am totally fussy. It has to be proper hot chocolate, made with hot milk. Weight Watchers sent me some of their instant hot chocolate to see what I thought. Instant hot chocolate like this is a great way to warm up and get a sweet chocolate fix without many

White Hot Chocolate

For me Hot Chocolate has to be of the highest quality. And it has to be made with milk. I don’t really care for instant hot chocolate at all, I do drink it because it’s a good way to get a low calorie chocolate fix (and warm up!), but I always find it disappointing in

Food Doctor Wholesome Pots

As winter sets in what we eat during the day becomes even more important than in the summer.  Those of us who eat at work might find that a sandwich or salad just doesn’t give us what we need – we need something warm, something filling, something that isn’t chips from the local pub!  And