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Photography Tips: How to Use Instagram

The increasing popularity of Instagram shows now sign of waning. In fact, according to the latest figures, 300 million people now use this social media to share their photographs online. 75 million of those people use it at least once a day. Are you one of them? I know I am. Instagram is a fun

Review: Readly

Subscription services are definitely one of the biggest things right now. Think Spotify and Netflix – all the music and television box sets you could possibly want in one place, available whenever and wherever you want thanks to your smartphone or tablet. And now we have Readly – the newest subscription service – offering access to over 400 weekly and

Review: Watchbot 3.0 Security Web Cam

I’ve always joked with friends on Twitter that I’d love to be able to spy on my bunnies when I’m out to see what they get up to. I think, like many pet owners, I dream that they might have a double life like they do in cartoons. You know what I mean, right?! A

Review: Nokia Lumia 925

For the last three weeks I have swapped my beloved iPhone for a very shiny Nokia Lumia 925, which I’ve had on loan from Nokia to try out. It’s been an interesting test, starting with incredible frustration over not being able to find anything or type simple words using the keyboard, to actually feeling a

Review: Bloom FM iPhone App

Waaaaay back before the summer I was given an opportunity to test out the Bloom FM app for iPhone. Six months on, my subscription has run out, and it’s time for me to tell you all what I thought. Bloom is a free radio-style music streaming app for iPhone and Android that allows you to

Two iPad Games: The Tribez and Simpsons Tapped Out

I’ve been meaning to blog about the two iPad games I’m completely addicted to for a while – ever since I started playing them in September last year. Unfortunately every time I’ve thought “I must write that blog post” I’ve ended up playing the games rather than opening iA writer. Oops. I downloaded both games

Hip 2B Square – Smartphone Photography Exhibition

I will be taking part in my first photography exhibition next month… InstaChimps are a group of photographers based in Lincolnshire who use Smartphones to create images. The group functions through a vibrant online presence, with a varied programme of events and competitions happening throughout the year. The group’s first ever exhibition, called “Hip 2B

Winding Roads Please TomTom

Do you use TomTom on your iPhone? If you do, then you’ll have recently had to download quite a large update to the app – including updated maps as well as some other updated/new features. One of the features has been included for people just like me. People who’d rather not take the route everyone

Pebble E-Paper Watch for iPhone

I spotted this in a tweet today and wow, I want one. Pebble is a watch that you can customise by installing your choice of apps, and that connects to your smartphone (iOS or Android) using bluetooth. With a high resolution e-paper display (like you get on Kindle) it promises to be sharp and very

Ski Tracks for iOS

When we went skiing last month I wanted something that would track how far I’d skied, so I could add the totals to my 2012km in 2012 challenge. I didn’t want to buy a GPS watch, I wanted an app to use on my iPhone. After some research I chose Ski Tracks. Ski Tracks is an

Draw Something

Draw Something is the latest app to hit the games app market. Everyone seems to be talking about it. I blame my sister. She told me to download it a week or so ago. We always enjoyed Pictionary when we were kids (and still do) and this is just perfect. The premise of the game

Chocolate and Instagram

It’s perhaps one of those iOS apps you either love or hate. I’ve been using instagram on my iPhone for a while now and I’m in the love camp – I like how you can easily crop and add filters to your photos and share them on twitter and Facebook. I also like how other instagram