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On the Footplate of a Steam Train

A few of the things on my bucket list are childhood dreams, and probably quite common ones at that. One of those is to drive a steam train – and I came remarkably close the other weekend when I spent some time riding on the footplate of the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway. Shortly after Christmas I

Gift Ideas from the BHS Christmas Shop

It might have been cyber Monday earlier this week, but there is still something about going into a real shop and doing your Christmas shopping the old fashioned touchy-feely way. And what better place to head than the BHS Christmas Shop? It’s one of those things that for me signals the start of the Christmas season, I

#BEDN 7 > 10 Things

Today is a list day on BEDN – right up my street! We’ve not been given any particular topic, but have simply been asked to share 10 things. I have turned to my things to do list, something I started a good few years ago now to motivate me to try new things and set

Some To Do List Additions

A few weeks ago I posted on twitter and facebook asking for to do list inspiration. I felt like giving my list a bit of an update – it’s time to add some things to it to give me new motivation. And (naturally) you didn’t disappoint! I already had some notes things I’ve thought of

Sunday Soliloquy – Sunday Night Blues

[ so·lil·o·quy – the act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers ] I often refer to the Sunday night blues. I get them a lot. Once a week, in fact. It is the feeling I get inside on a Sunday night, having had a lovely weekend, that reminds

Sunday Soliloquy – Stop Faffing!

[ so·lil·o·quy – the act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers ] Last Sunday morning a good friend phoned me and opened the conversation with an imperative. “Stop me faffing!” She had a pile of things to do, you know, the usual household chores – she’s also writing

A Things to Do Update

My big list of things to do came about a few years ago for the simple reason that I wanted to make plans to do lots of interesting things before I was 30, and beyond. I love lists, and love trying new things, and so I wrote everything down so I could make good on

A Things To Do List Update

The beginning of the year is always a good time to update my big list of things to do – my bucket list – the list that gives me plenty of challenges, plenty of things to aim for, plenty of things to think about. Last year (doesn’t 2012 seem like a long time ago?!) I

Superhero Survival Kit Competition

Remember THIS POST when I introduced myself as The Listmaker – a Doritos and Max superhero.  Well in my role as a Superhero I am giving you the chance of winning your very own Superhero Survival Kit. The kit will be similar to the one I received as The Listmaker, including flaming hot Doritos corn chips

Milky the Bunny

The Top 10 Toys for Christmas list is out.   One that caught my attention (for obvious reasons) was Milky the Bunny. From Emotion Toys, this is a big fluffy and cuddly white bunny rabbit toy… that is fully interactive.  The website explains that it has a random interactivity mode it will play with you

I Am "The Listmaker" – Doritos and Max

A company emailed me about a month ago now asking me if I’d like to do a review for them… as part of the reply I had to give them my “superhero name”.  Without a clue I turned to twitter (because twitter knows everything).  Various ideas came back to do with bunnies and bungee jumping

Post-it Removable Label Pads

Lists lists lists… I need a list for everything… and as a result I love Post-it Notes! Recently I discovered Post-it Removable Labels (thanks to a free sample from their website) – and I like.  Apart from anything they sent me green – the perfect colour choice!! The main difference between Post-it Notes and Post-it

Year in Photos (14 Mar 11)

Today I wanted to prove to you that I can in fact be organised.  When I have a list, I’m very good at getting things done!  This is proof because the bag contains my mum’s Mother’s Day present and card!  Oh yes!  (And no, the bag may not actually give away what is inside…!) 14/03/11:

My Bucket List

Anyone who knows me or who has followed this blog for a while knows I have a “things to do list”.  This is something I wrote when I was about 25 as a list of challenges/things to experience by the time I was 30 (to make the most of my 20s), but the list got

Year in Photos (17 Jan 11)

Everyone knows I love my lists… I can’t live without them… if I don’t have one I feel unorganised. My sister bought me this for Christmas – perfect!  I now use it to organise my week at work, and it doubles up as a mousemat so it doesn’t take up much space on my little