Dining out in Bristol – Pieminister and The Stable

I am, thanks to the occasional trip away for work, no stranger to dining alone. This has both its advantages and disadvantages. I like to use it as an opportunity to choose when and where I want to eat, hunting out restaurants that offer something a bit different, local, with nice settings. On a recent trip to Bristol I

{ Sunday Soliloquy } Some Valentine’s Day Thoughts

[ so·lil·o·quy – the act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers ] I doubt that the significance of yesterday’s date passed you buy. St Valentine’s Day, a day when traditionally we are encouraged to treat our loved one to something special to demonstrate how much we love them.

Review: Gousto #2

I tried Gousto a while ago when the recipe box delivery service was first introduced, and liked it. Having made some changes to their offering in the last few weeks I was given the opportuity to try the company out again. If you follow me on twitter or facebook then you’ll have already seen some

Testing out Quark Cooking Sauces

Life has got the better of me recently. I’ve been super busy every day for a good few weeks with not enough time for meal planning and cooking properly. This makes me very susceptible to ideas from companies like the Lake District Dairy Co., who offer products that turn what could have been an orange food night due

Recipe | Cauliflower Rice… “Caulirice”

After the success of Courgetti, a vegetable alternative to pasta that has become a regular feature of mealtimes in our house, this week I decided to try another similar alternative. Cauliflower rice – or “caulirice” – is a low calorie and gluten free alternative to rice that can be used to accompany meals wherever you

Branded vs Supermaket Own Lasagne

This is the first of two posts exploring the age-old question of whether expensive brands are worth the extra money over supermarket own products. I have been asked by Debt Free Direct to take part in their campaign to help our money go a little further, by experimenting with a meal that I like to

Review: Old El Paso Casserole Mixes

There are two categories of “easy dinners”. The first are dinners that take up to 30 minutes to prepare and cook so you are eating in no time. The other are meals that take a few minutes to prepare and then sit in the oven (or slow cooker) for a few hours while you go

My Week in Photos 16 to 22 December 2013

We had our office Christmas meal this week – I had a really good time at The Castle Hotel in Lincoln, the food was good and we laughed alot! This was my place setting. It’s rather warm for the time of year so on my last day at work I had my last Eskimoos milkshake

Review: Old El Paso One Pan Rice Meal

I have not been as good at meal planning over the last few weeks, and so every now and again I’ve ended up in my local Tesco Express at lunch time wondering what to cook for dinner that night. The other day I came across this new Mexican meal kit from Old El Paso –

Discovery Foods Instagram Competition

To celebrate the launch of the brand new Discovery Foods Instagram feed at the beginning of July, they are running a little photography competition this month (sorry, I know I’m a week late telling you, but there is still lots time to enter!). They are looking for images of your creative uses for their Mexican

Review: McCain Home Chips

I get groceries delivered to my home regularly. I find shopping in a supermarket very stressful, and so I avoid it if possible. But even I can manage to survive Tesco or Sainsburys when I need just a couple of bits. So when the Tesco man came to my door last Monday evening I felt

Weight Watchers: Week One Success

I’ve been following the Weight Watchers Pro Points plan for a week now. I have been doing my best to keep within my daily points allowance, keeping those weekly points for extra things like treats and eating out. It worked just about ok – even with a couple of meals out (when I really didn’t