Weight Watchers: Week One Success

I’ve been following the Weight Watchers Pro Points plan for a week now. I have been doing my best to keep within my daily points allowance, keeping those weekly points for extra things like treats and eating out. It worked just about ok – even with a couple of meals out (when I really didn’t

Weight Watchers: Getting Organised

It’s 1st January 2013 and so the start of a brand new year. You already know my New Year’s resolution is about being true to myself. Part of that will absolutely be about being more healthy – eating better, exercising more, you know the sort of thing. So the fact that I’m a Weight Watchers

Recipe | Campbell’s Capsule Cupboard Challenge

After my post about my reliance on jars of sauce and being unable to find things to do with the ingredients I had in my cupboard, it seemed quite apt that I was invited to take part in the Campbell’s Capsule Cupboard Challenge. Campbell’s Condensed Soup have partnered with renowned Michelin-starred chef Gary Rhodes to develop

The Experiment is Complete – Jenny Craig Week 4

It is finished. I completed my four week Jenny Craig free trial thanks to that blog competition. I will be honest and say I have definitely not been a model dieter. I’ve had days off, eaten starchy vegetables, had the odd slice of cake. But I have still found it very interesting and have learnt

Many Sweets and a New Lasagne – Jenny Craig Week 2

It’s the end of week two of my Jenny Craig experiment and I am half happy to report that I’ve had a 1lb loss. Not brilliant. But a loss. Halloween means there is massive temptation to eat sweets in the office as well as at home. I’ve not had as many as I would have done

I’m Actually Not Hungry – Jenny Craig Week 1

Last weekend I introduced you to the fact that I’m giving the Jenny Craig diet plan a go over the next few weeks thanks to a competition win. The night before I started the programme I had pretty much already decided that I’d failed, but that I was going to try my best to get