The Sea is Still There | Weekly Vlog 10

Hello friends! It’s time for weekly vlog episode ten – wow ten episodes of this thing already – the most important element of which is me heading to Skegness to check the sea is still there. It’s very important to check when you can, I would do so every day if I was able.  My

Smoothies for Breakfast: Recipe Ideas Wanted

I’ve had my Breville Blend-Active for a little while now, a couple of months perhaps, and I love it. I bought it after seeing lots of the people I follow on twitter and instagram using them and I was a bit jealous of how healthy they were being. It cost me £20 from Asda (also

Review: Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations Cola Pretzel Honeycomb

Is this the strangest Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations creation yet? It’s the one with Cola, Pretzel and Honeycomb. I bought some a little bit ago to share with LincsGeek. Sharing a big bar of Marvellous Creations, with it’s wonky uneven shaped pieces, is actually very difficult. The bar doesn’t break neatly into even strips of chocolate

Review: Special K Multi-Grain Porridge

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and we now have a new type of porridge to eat on days when it is cold and damp. Special K have launched an instant multi-grain porridge, available in three flavours, that comes in individual sachets and takes just two-and-a-half minutes

A Not-So-Good Night at Premier Inn MK

It’s 7.30am (well it’s not right now, but it was when I started to write this!) and I’m sat on my bed in the Premier Inn Milton Keynes Central discussing with LincsGeek about their “Good Night Guarantee”. We have not had a good sleep. Local residents or just some random blokes in a car or

Review: Twinings Everyday Tea Blends

You all know that I cannot resist a nice cup of tea. I am a) British and b) brought up in the Salvation Army – tea was inevitably going to be a very important part of my life! But one thing I have never been able to do is enjoy herbal or fruit tea. I

Review & Giveaway: New Kelloggs Cereals

A while ago I said you’d be getting three breakfast cereal posts in quick succession. That was a month ago now. Oops. Anyway, here’s the second! Kelloggs have introduced four new cereals with lower sugar to give us a good balanced start to the day. Aimed at children (and considered healthy enough to be advertised

Review: Jordans Crunchy Oat Granola – Raisin & Almond

Thanks to that Jenny Craig trial I did at the back end of last year I have got into a routine of eating breakfast again. Most days, that is; some days I just don’t fancy anything, but most days I’ll have some cereal or porridge or a banana or something like that. I’ve actually been

Review: Weight Watchers Instant Hot Chocolate

I love hot chocolate. But I am totally fussy. It has to be proper hot chocolate, made with hot milk. Weight Watchers sent me some of their instant hot chocolate to see what I thought. Instant hot chocolate like this is a great way to warm up and get a sweet chocolate fix without many

White Hot Chocolate

For me Hot Chocolate has to be of the highest quality. And it has to be made with milk. I don’t really care for instant hot chocolate at all, I do drink it because it’s a good way to get a low calorie chocolate fix (and warm up!), but I always find it disappointing in

Percy Pig Fairy Cakes

Percy pig sweets are awesome. They are possibly the best jelly sweets available at the moment. The original bright pink ones are the best – I’m not convinced by the tails or noses or yellow ones but I never complain if offered one.  Marks and Spencer have launched a range of Percy Pig themed goodies

Tea India Teas

I posted this photo on instagram the other day commenting that one way to make this blogger happy is to send her tea. Or shoes. But mainly tea. Inside the package was two boxes of Tea India tea. Despite being a tea lover and drinking many (many) cups of the stuff a day, Tea India