Currently Loving | October 2016

Ahhhh October, the month that Autumn really gets going making everything outside super colourful, but equally the month that the mornings and evenings grow darker and darker meaning I can’t see that beautiful colour most days. Anyway, time for my monthly favourites blog post, a chance for me to gather a few things together that I’m particularly enjoying

Review: New Limited Edition Pringles

I have the pleasure of working with lots of brands and organisations through Splodz Blogz, and every now and again a PR company will do something that really makes me smile. Earlier in the week I received a package that did just that – made me smile, made me sit up and notice, made me

Review: Aero Bubbles (Bzz Review)

I am a Bzz Agent and this is a Bzz Review… Oh dear. Chocolate again? Mmmmm chocolate! Chocolate is good!! This time I am reviewing Aero Bubbles, which have returned to our stores. I didn’t realise they had left, to be honest, and last time they were out I didn’t try them, so these were

Review: Weight Watchers Instant Hot Chocolate

I love hot chocolate. But I am totally fussy. It has to be proper hot chocolate, made with hot milk. Weight Watchers sent me some of their instant hot chocolate to see what I thought. Instant hot chocolate like this is a great way to warm up and get a sweet chocolate fix without many

Review: My Kit Kat Chunky Champion 2013

Remember Kit Kat Chunky Champion? Well they’re doing it again… four new flavours of Kit Kat Chunky have hit our stores and we have to decide which one becomes the permanent member of the Kit Kat family. Because I am a lucky blogger I received this gift bag in the post the other day with

Elizabeth Shaw Luxury Chocolates

I have never seen so much chocolate in a box addressed to me… …This was the hamper I received courtesy of Elizabeth Shaw so I could test and review their full range. And wow. I am a lucky blogger! I admit I (well along with friends and family) have spent the last month or so

Year in Photos (9 Dec 11) – Hot Chocolate

Which one should I pick? 09/12/11: Indulgence in a mug (or rather it will be when made up)

Fabulous Bakin' Boys Christmas Cupcakes

Don’t like mince pies?  The Fabulous Bakin’ Boys have brought out an alternative – Christmas Cupcakes. There are two versions of these cakes – Orange Chocolate and Mint Chocolate – and I was sent a box of the latter to taste test.  What you get is six individually wrapped little cakes, two each with white,

Food Doctor Wholesome Pots

As winter sets in what we eat during the day becomes even more important than in the summer.  Those of us who eat at work might find that a sandwich or salad just doesn’t give us what we need – we need something warm, something filling, something that isn’t chips from the local pub!  And

Whiter Teeth with RetarDEX

This is the third toothpaste I have reviewed for Splodz Blogz… am I getting a name for myself?! Comedians spend valuable stand up time taking the mickey out of celebrities that get their teeth whitened.  But the fact is that people are genuinely concerned about the colour of their teeth.  There are countless products on

Oral-B Pro Expert – Paste to go with the Brush

This is a review about toothpaste that has taken 15 years to develop… Oral-B Pro Expert is said to be at the cutting edge of dental science.  It’s created a real chatter amongst within and outside the realm of the dentist and Dr Robert Gerlach, chief dentail research fellow at P&G, says it offers a

Shloer Summer Fruit Punch

It’s Bank Holiday Monday tomorrow. What should we all be doing? Having a barbecue! Gardens all over the country will be filled with the scent of lighter fliud, tomato ketchup, pringles and overcooked sausages… and that’s whatever the weather! It’s what us Brits love about lazy Monday afternoons! And when the weather is good there