Recipe | Pomegranate Glazed Turkey

Since I posted about my mini Thanksgiving feast I’ve been asked a number of times for the recipe. And seeing as Turkey will be the meat of choice in most households towards the end of this week I figured I should just give in to pressure. The recipe actually takes inspiration from a number of online recipe sites. I often

Recipe | Gammon Risotto

Risottos are one of my mid-week “go to” meals. They are simple, fairly quick, and only use one pan. They are also pretty healthy when you cook them this way… Ok so I admit this is probably not a proper risotto – there is no cream, no butter, not even any crème fraiche. In fact I don’t

Port Salut Cheese

With goats cheese being my new favourite ingredient, I wondered how I would find cooking with another cheese I hadn’t tried until recently. Port Salut is a mild, creamy cheese that is said to appeal to everyone. It is a fairly soft cheese that comes in wedges and is available from the supermarket. Like other

Capricorn Challenge – Pasta with Goats Cheese

I think goats cheese is my new favourite ingredient. Apart from being particularly tasty on its own, it also seems to elevate mid-week dinners to a new level. This time I used it alongside a jar of Sacla Tomato and Mascarpone stir-in pasta sauce to turn a pretty normal pasta dish into something creamy and