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Lincoln Launches Hirebike Scheme

Yesterday I took part in the launch of the new Hirebike scheme in Lincoln. The initiative, which is part of the AccessLN6 project, is designed to encourage the use of sustainable transport in Lincoln. The orange bikes are available to members of the public to hire from six (soon to be eight) locations across the

Thinking About Autumn… Shoes!

Is it too early to think about autumn? It’ll (unfortunately) be here very soon – and I’ve already noticed the autumn/winter collections making their way onto the high street. When I think autumn I automatically think brown. Not a rich chocolate brown, but a brighter tan brown that matches the leaves as they start to

Review: Sour Patch Kids Soda Popz

A little while ago I was sent some of the new Sour Patch Kids sweets to review here on Splodz Blogz; and I fell in love. They were the first properly sour sweet I’ve tried for a long time – properly ‘shoots lips’ sour to start with, turning a lovely fruity sweet flavour as you

Review: McCain Caribbean Wedges

While I make an effort to use orange freezer food as little as possible – based on the assumption that home-made from fresh is better for us – I always have a selection of frozen potato such as chips, wedges, roasties, croquets in the freezer to help with mid-week catering. And anyway, I rather like

Review: The North Face Women’s Honee Snugs Delux Parka

LincsGeek and I are fairly new to the skiing game. We went on our first ski holiday just three years ago after some ski lessons at snozone. Before that first holiday we kitted ourselves up as cheaply as we could – we wanted good quality at low cost, and so bought coat, pants, gloves, socks

Review: Um Bongo

I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist – anyone around my age can most probably remember some or all of that advert for Um Bongo, a juice drink aimed at kids waaaaaaaaaay back. And now it’s back! Actually there are two versions now – the original one, which is a combination of Apple, Lemon, Orange, Pineapple, Passion Fruit

Review: J2O Fridge Pack

I am a BzzAgent and this is a Bzz Review… I was recently sent on one of the new J2O Fridge Packs to try at home. I am already a fan of J2O, I enjoy the juice drinks very much and, even though they are very sweet, they are something nice to have when I

Shoes to Start a Christmas Outfit

If I was going to a Christmas party this year, then I would want some awesome shoes to wear.  It is fair to say I would almost certainly start my outfit by picking my shoes first. It’s very rare that I’d go out and choose a dress and then get some shoes to go with

Autumnal Coloured Boots

This week I saw so many tweets from people saying they had given in and put the summer shoes away and got the leggins and boots out. It’s been a bit chilly, quite windy, and rather damp. But it’s not winter yet, so what we want is something for autumn, something that is colourful like

Snap Happy: 22nd August

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Elizabeth Shaw Luxury Chocolates

I have never seen so much chocolate in a box addressed to me… …This was the hamper I received courtesy of Elizabeth Shaw so I could test and review their full range. And wow. I am a lucky blogger! I admit I (well along with friends and family) have spent the last month or so

Converse for Summer

You all know that I love Converse shoes and would have hundreds of pairs if I was allowed. But I’m not. Shame. Massive shame. Although if I bought all the ones I said I loved on Splodz Blogz I’d be pretty broke. Anyway, I thought it was about time I looked at what was out

My KitKat Chunky Champion Vote Goes To…

Lots of food posts at the moment (and there’s more to come soon too)… sorry about that! Have you seen what KitKat are doing over on their facebook page? They have brought out four special flavours of KitKat Chunky and are asking us to decide which one stays. The race to be crowned the Kit

Walkers Crisps: What's That Flavour?

Earlier in the week I blogged about some new Walkers crisps. Well it turns out all isn’t going to be revealed after all… you’re all gonna have to join in. Look what arrived: Mystery Flavour A is the “Dairy”, B is the “Meaty” and C is the “Spicy”.  Have a taste (packs now widely available)

New Walkers Crisps – First Taste

I’ve tried and tested new Walkers Crisps before… Remember Clash of the Comics or the Walkers Crinkles? Well they’ve asked me to try something new again – but this time haven’t actually given me much info on what it is I’m eating.  The three bags came in the post with big question marks all over