Bath Bombs Workshop at Rock+Paper+Scissors

A few weeks ago I spent a rather splendid evening with some girl friends at Rock+Paper+Scissors in Lincoln (I introduced them to you here when they first opened) taking part in one of their many craft workshops. The idea is simple – get creative over tea and cake. They have a varied programme; knitting, crochet,

Rock+Paper+Scissors – A New Crafterie in Lincoln

Last week a new cafe opened in Lincoln. A friend and I went to check it out at the end of the week and I think it’s fair to say we both fell in love with the place. Rock+Paper+Scissors is a “crafterie”, that is, a cafe, a place to do crafts, and a shop. Run

Snap Happy BritMums: 1st June

Turns out the Snap Happy challenge set by BritMums in May was such a success they’ve decided to do another month. So here we are in June!  Drawings – A white rabbit for the first of  the month that I doodled on Paper for iPad. Use the tag SnapHappyBritMums here on Splodz Blogz to find all the

Paper for iPad

This is a lovely looking, nice to use app that makes the most of the iPad especially if you also have a stylus.  Instinctive to use, as all apps should be, this is a sketching and doodling app that you can use to create some quite beautiful drawings. Well you could create some beautiful drawings

Cosy Tea Competition

This competition is now closed. I have published all eligible comments made before the closing date/time and will announce the two winners soon. Good luck! The lovely people at Beyond the Bean have donated two complete sets of the Cosy Tea range for me to give away to Splodz Blogz readers. The set will contain

A Cosy Cup of Organic Tea

My name is Zoe and I am a tea-aholic. Ok so I’m a lot of other things-aholic too, but mainly, and honestly, I am addicted to tea. It probably comes from being brought up in the Salvation Army (Sings: Oh there’s nothing like an Army cup of tea……..) – ever since I can remember tea

Year in Photos (17 Dec 11) – Sword

I read on twitter a number of times this week… “No matter how old you are, an empty Christmas wrapping paper tube is still a sword.”  Too true. Only problem when you have two wrapping paper tube swords and a husband who is stronger than you are is… 17/12/11: The damage one “sword” does to another (after repeated attacks)

Year in Photos (31 Oct 11) – Coloured Tissue

Coloured toilet tissue is nicer but can’t be as environmentally friendly as plain? 31/10/11: Bright stars

Snapfish Photo Books and Gifts

Getting your photos printed is a rarity these days.  Now we generally have digital cameras instead of film ones, we don’t make use of the 1-hour photo processing Boots and Jessops and other’s used to offer and simply upload our pictures onto our computer to look at and share with people online. But if you’re like

Year in Photos (23 Dec 2010)

Are you organised for Christmas? I wrapped the last of the family Christmas presents this evening… I LOVE giving presents and am now getting really excited about the two family days this weekend. Can’t wait for Christmas! 23/12/10: All organised and ready – one shelf for Christmas Day, the other for Boxing Day

Year in Photos (18 Aug 2010)

Why is that that whenever I look for anything (paperwork wise) I end up having to have a complete sort out, which ultimately involves a big pile of recycling rubbish and even more shredded?! I promise myself every time I’ll keep my paperwork pile all neat and sort it as I go along.  Yea right!

Summer Competition – Prize 5

I’m giving away something for all you arty peeps today. Two Bamboo Covered Sketch Books These sketch books by Daler Rowney have 64 sheets of 140gsm paper great for sketching in all kinds of dry media.  I have two to give away to one winner – an A4 one and an A5 one.  How to