Review: Old El Paso Casserole Mixes

There are two categories of “easy dinners”. The first are dinners that take up to 30 minutes to prepare and cook so you are eating in no time. The other are meals that take a few minutes to prepare and then sit in the oven (or slow cooker) for a few hours while you go

Review: Boursin Portions

Boursin Portions are individually wrapped cubes of Boursin cheese ideal for keeping in your fridge for whenever you need them. They come in packs of six and are available in their Garlic & Herb and Black Pepper flavours. Boursin sent me some of each to try at home. Recently I have found that buying soft

Recipe | Gammon Risotto

Risottos are one of my mid-week “go to” meals. They are simple, fairly quick, and only use one pan. They are also pretty healthy when you cook them this way… Ok so I admit this is probably not a proper risotto – there is no cream, no butter, not even any crème fraiche. In fact I don’t

Recipe | Campbell’s Capsule Cupboard Challenge

After my post about my reliance on jars of sauce and being unable to find things to do with the ingredients I had in my cupboard, it seemed quite apt that I was invited to take part in the Campbell’s Capsule Cupboard Challenge. Campbell’s Condensed Soup have partnered with renowned Michelin-starred chef Gary Rhodes to develop

Boursin Cheese

You’ll have noticed when I reviewed Ryvita that my photos included Boursin cheese… that’s because I had quite a selection of it sent to me recently to review here on Splodz Blogz. And just look at it – we barely got any pictures before diving in! Not something we’ve had before (that we can remember),

Capricorn Challenge – Pasta with Goats Cheese

I think goats cheese is my new favourite ingredient. Apart from being particularly tasty on its own, it also seems to elevate mid-week dinners to a new level. This time I used it alongside a jar of Sacla Tomato and Mascarpone stir-in pasta sauce to turn a pretty normal pasta dish into something creamy and