Review: The North Face Women’s Honee Snugs Delux Parka

LincsGeek and I are fairly new to the skiing game. We went on our first ski holiday just three years ago after some ski lessons at snozone. Before that first holiday we kitted ourselves up as cheaply as we could – we wanted good quality at low cost, and so bought coat, pants, gloves, socks

Bass Buds

Here’s another in-ear headphones review for you – this time Bass Buds classic in the limited edition white colour, complete with Swarovski crystals and memory foam earbuds. One of the things to remember about headphones is that you need to get a good fit in order to get good sound. A good fit also means

Quarkie Cats Eye Headphones

Ever thought that your in-ear headphones look a bit dull? That they don’t stand out enough? That they don’t fit your personality? No? Me neither.  Quarkie, a British headphone brand, has launched its first collection of headphones this year – and they look rather different to anything else on the market, featuring snakes, bolts and

Brasher Hillmaster Socks

Socks, I have learnt over the last few years, are as important as good quality footwear. They help support, protect and cushion your feet while you walk, run or do pretty much anything else. Brasher recently sent out a really interested direct mail to its customers. I generally take those sort of mailings with a

Year in Photos (13 Dec 11) – Sweet Wrapper

Quality Street – the sweets of Christmas! Mmmm orange cream. 13/12/11: Christmas sweets