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Recipe: Pomegranate Glazed Turkey

Since I posted about my mini Thanksgiving feast I’ve been asked a number of times for the recipe. And seeing as Turkey will be the meat of choice in most households towards the end of this week I figured I should just give in to pressure. The recipe actually takes inspiration from a number of online recipe sites. I often

Review: Gousto #2

I tried Gousto a while ago when the recipe box delivery service was first introduced, and liked it. Having made some changes to their offering in the last few weeks I was given the opportuity to try the company out again. If you follow me on twitter or facebook then you’ll have already seen some

Testing out Quark Cooking Sauces

Life has got the better of me recently. I’ve been super busy every day for a good few weeks with not enough time for meal planning and cooking properly. This makes me very susceptible to ideas from companies like the Lake District Dairy Co., who offer products that turn what could have been an orange food night due

Getting Enough Oily Fish – British Trout

Eating a couple of portions of oily fish per week is a well-recognised requirement of healthy diet. Oily fish provides our bodies with important fats and nutrients that keep our bones and joints working properly. When I think of oily fish I tend to gravitate towards salmon and tuna, but have recently been encouraged to

Recipe: Chicken and Chorizo Rice Bowl

This is a very simple recipe ideal for mid-week and when you might have left overs hanging about. It’s a “dry” rice dish (unlike risotto which is often quite wet) that uses the paprika oil that comes from cooking chorizo to moisten the food. It takes just a few minutes to prepare and cook, and

Recipe: Courgette Spaghetti… “Courgetti”

I read Challenge Sophie’s blog post on eating healthily the other day with great interest. One thing that caught my attention was the fact that she has given up pasta and potato, and so is being quite inventive at mealtimes. She mentioned courgette spaghetti, or “courgetti” (or zuccini noodles “zoodles” for my American friends!), which

Recipe: Nutella Brownies

This photo is one of the most popular things I’ve posted on instagram, twitter and facebook this year… …it shows the result of my Nutella Brownie experiment earlier in the week. Looks good, huh?! A friend reposted a recipe over on facebook that offered me the chance to make brownies using just three ingredients. I

A Hearty Slice of Cake

I am definitely no baker. I make probably one or two cakes in a year. That’s it. I can’t cope with any more. It’s not that I can’t bake, but that I don’t find it very easy and it takes me ages. I’m not talking biscuits or flapjacks or packet fairy cake mixes – I

Pimp My Snack – Oreo Cookie Cake

I love Oreos. They are amazing. The best biscuit around I reckon, even better than a caramel chocolate digestive, and they’re pretty good! In America, where they are the country’s number one selling biscuit, you can get all kinds of flavours, and of course Double Stuff ones too. They are the perfect accompaniment to a

Cooking with Tea India Black Tea

A little while ago I was sent a lovely parcel of tea from Tea India so I could try out their black tea and their Cardamom tea, both of which I really enjoyed. The other day I received a very similar looking parcel from them, this time suggesting that I tried some baking with tea.

Review: Cooking with Quark

Quark is a naturally fat free spoon-able soft cheese. The Lake District Dairy Company, who have launched their new range of Quark in the last week, sent me a hamper of goodies so I could try using it in one savoury and one sweet recipe. Quark is actually a completely new ingredient to me –

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Discovery Foods

I don’t need an excuse to cook up a Mexican feast. Fajitas, enchiladas and tacos often appear on our menus – they are quick, tasty and fairly healthy evening meal choices. But if you do need an excuse to give Mexican food a try at home, then Cinco de Mayo is this weekend… Cinco de Mayo (Spanish