Recipe | Cauliflower Rice… “Caulirice”

After the success of Courgetti, a vegetable alternative to pasta that has become a regular feature of mealtimes in our house, this week I decided to try another similar alternative. Cauliflower rice – or “caulirice” – is a low calorie and gluten free alternative to rice that can be used to accompany meals wherever you

Review: Old El Paso Casserole Mixes

There are two categories of “easy dinners”. The first are dinners that take up to 30 minutes to prepare and cook so you are eating in no time. The other are meals that take a few minutes to prepare and then sit in the oven (or slow cooker) for a few hours while you go

Recipe | Chicken and Chorizo Rice Bowl

This is a very simple recipe ideal for mid-week and when you might have left overs hanging about. It’s a “dry” rice dish (unlike risotto which is often quite wet) that uses the paprika oil that comes from cooking chorizo to moisten the food. It takes just a few minutes to prepare and cook, and

Review: Old El Paso One Pan Rice Meal

I have not been as good at meal planning over the last few weeks, and so every now and again I’ve ended up in my local Tesco Express at lunch time wondering what to cook for dinner that night. The other day I came across this new Mexican meal kit from Old El Paso –

Haven’t You Grown?! How I’ve Changed Linky Challenge.

What were you doing 30 years ago? How have you changed in the last 30 years? Well I know I’ve changed quite a bit… although some tell me I’m still recognisable. 30 years ago I was just three years old, so the fact I’ve changed a lot since then is probably a very good thing!

Review: Ainsley Harriott Rice to Go

The winter seems to be going on forever. And at lunch time in this weather a salad or sandwich just won’t do – we need something warm to keep us going during the afternoon. Ainsley Harriott Rice to Go snack pots are lunch time sized meals in a microwavable tub. This sort of thing is

Recipe | Gammon Risotto

Risottos are one of my mid-week “go to” meals. They are simple, fairly quick, and only use one pan. They are also pretty healthy when you cook them this way… Ok so I admit this is probably not a proper risotto – there is no cream, no butter, not even any crème fraiche. In fact I don’t


I was introduced to the idea of Spelt and Speltotto thanks to my recent Flavr Box review. I decided this new-to-me-food was worth a post all of its own because everyone else I’ve spoken to about it hadn’t heard of it either. Spelt is a gluten-grain with a rich nutty flavor that can be used in

Year in Photos (2 Nov 2010)

This week I am mostly trying to be good with food.  Well I always try, I just normally fail.  We’re out for dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings so I need to get some “healthyness” in early this week to make up for it! Tonight I cooked some chicken tikka masala with steamed basmati rice

Year in Photos (28 Aug 2010)

I love snacks.  Today there has been a lot of talk of baking.  Mmmm cakes.  But I was good and didn’t have a cake with my lunch, didn’t have a morning or afternoon snack, and haven’t had any sweets. I’ve been really hungry!!! However I couldn’t resist this evening so ended up with a small