Ah outdoors gear companies, you are finally taking the leap when it comes to outdoors gear for women. Some of you have been on it for years, of course, but others are only just catching up. Making men’s kit smaller and more pink just isn’t good enough. Some ladies love the pink gear, and that is


Earlier this month LincsGeek and I headed on our annual motorcycle trip with our two friends Paul and Rick. This year we decided to head up to Scotland, via Northumberland on the way up and Carlisle on the way back. We love Scotland and have had the pleasure of holidaying and touring in various parts

30 Days Wild – Days 29-30 and some Motorcycling

One of the reasons I love to ride a motorbike is that when I do, I feel very close to the world through which I travel. There is a very special bond between a biker and nature. I’ve mentioned this before, but I liken motorcycling to meditation in some ways – just you, your own

Sea Views for the Soul

I do like a nice sea view. When my grandad was alive (it’s still very raw saying that, I do miss him) he would take us for a drive to see the sea – to check it was still there. It’s something that’s stuck; I can’t go too many days without seeing the sea. I’ve

The Graham Homes Memorial Ride

The Graham Homes Memorial Ride will be 2,000+ miles of Great British roads over a week at the end of May 2013, raising money for two cancer charities. It will be our biking tribute to Graham, my father in law, recreating something of our John O’Groats to Land’s End trip in 2009, while hopefully making

Blog Challenge: 5 Pretty Awesome Posts You Might’ve Missed

When you blog, posts soon get lost in the constant stream of content that gets added at the top each day. Posts that bloggers might be really proud of soon get shoved onto page two, page three, page fifteen. So Fuzzygalore (great motorcycle blogger) has set a blog challenge. Choose your five most awesome (in

A Different Kind of Bike Trip

It’s become a bit of a tradition for us to go on a bike trip/holiday each summer – this is normally a small group affair, including myself and my husband, my father in law, a good friend, and sometimes my brother in law too. We’ve done Wales, the Lake District, Ireland and of course the

Year in Photos (22 Jun 2010)

Another fabulously sunny day in the Lake District… And in Scotland too! Today was all about the roads. We rode to Hadrian’s Wall along the scenic route, and then on to Gretna Green. Tuesday 22nd June 2010 22/06/10: Hartside Heights Cafe – popular bike stop and possibly the highest bike cafe in the country.