As I get older I definitely see the benefit of experiences over things, and this is something I talk about quite a lot here on my blog and on my social media feeds. So you might wonder why I continue with my slightly irregular Currently Loving series, where I mainly feature material objects that make


Lush are well known for selling natural, vegetarian, animal friendly, funky beauty products. Most well known for their bath bombs I guess, they also do a huge range of bath, hair and body gloops and slimes, and have an excellent reputation for their environmentally friendly values. When I wrote my Ten Ways to Cut Waste


I have to admit that I found January a very long month. It seemed to go on forever. I know that wishing our lives away is not good, and certainly doesn’t fit in with my life is all about the journey mantra, but sometimes it’s good to keep moving forward! And with the turn of

Give Blood, Shampoo Eye, Breakfast Yorkshires | Weekly Vlog Episode 7

After a couple of (what I think were) more interesting weeks on my weekly vlog, this week I spent most of my time at work or doing chores. So perhaps slightly more dull viewing for you this time around – but don’t click away just yet…  Other than the inevitable return to work after a lovely break,

Review: Batiste Floral Dry Shampoo

It is no secret that Batiste Dry Shampoo is an absolute staple product for me. I use it loads. Not every day, but nearly. It’s instant refresh means I can wash my fine wispy long hair less often, and means I don’t have to worry about helmet hair! This is the latest incarnation of my

Review: John Frieda Highlight Activating Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner

The other day a friend commented on my hair – she asked if I’d had it dyed, saying it looked lighter and brighter. I thanked her and explained that no, I haven’t had my hair done for a very long time, but I had started using a new shampoo and conditioner that is designed to

Dove Colour Radiance (Bzz Review)

I am a BzzAgent and this is a Bzz Review…  As someone who colours her hair, I invited to take part in a new Bzz campaign for Dove Colour Radiance Shampoo and Conditioner. I was sent a bottle of each to try at home along with some samples and vouchers to share with friends. I

Batiste Paisley and Graffiti

Regular readers of Splodz Blogz will know that I am a fan of Batiste, and I don’t mind telling you again. The (lovely) dry shampoo company has recently released two new scents, and I was very pleased to receive a tin of each in the post to try out when I got back from my

Refresh Your Hair Without Water – Batiste

Regular readers of Splodz Blogz will know I like and use Batiste Dry Shampoo – I’ve reviewed several of the fragrances. They have recently sent me a can of their Fresh version, which has been designed as a unisex fragrance. Dry shampoo is designed to refresh and revitalise greasy, dull, lifeless hair. It helps make your

Batiste – Totally Tropical Taste

Festival season has started for sure – it’s Download and Isle of Wight Festival this weekend in case you hadn’t noticed (and I’m not at either – really should go to a festival again sometime).  Music, camping, eating junk… you know the sort of thing.  And what do festivals mean?  Cold showers.  Or no showers!

Faith in Nature Pomegranate

I was recently invited to take part in a trial of a new range by Faith in Nature – Pomegranate Shampoo, Conditioner and Shower Gel/Foam Bath.  I was sent some trial bottles of the products and in return have filled in a questionnaire for the company to help them in their development.  I thought I’d put

Tara Smith Haircare

I have been testing some of the new Tara Smith haircare range over the last week or so. This is a new range combining the professional expertise and professional performance of high end haircare, with natural and organic ingredients and no harsh chemicals. “It was important to me to develop a salon-quality product line based