What’s in your Bag? Femfresh Wipes

This is a post about feminine care when travelling… just saying in case any of my readers would prefer not to read about that kind of thing! When I go on holiday on my motorbike I use this incredibly useful BarBagEvo handlebar bag by Wunderlich. It was a birthday present from LincsGeek (via Nippy Normans

Review: John Frieda Highlight Activating Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner

The other day a friend commented on my hair – she asked if I’d had it dyed, saying it looked lighter and brighter. I thanked her and explained that no, I haven’t had my hair done for a very long time, but I had started using a new shampoo and conditioner that is designed to

Lush Christmas Gifts

Lush have a massive range of products ideal to give as Christmas gifts. I was very lucky to receive a lovely box of products so I could let you know what I thought… Christmas Party is one of Lush’s ready made gift boxes, wrapped in bright paper and with gold ribbon it is a ready-to-give

iDuck Bathroom Speaker and Radio

iDuck is a waterproof wireless speaker for your MP3 player, mobile phone or CD player with a built in bathroom radio. Find Me A Gift sent me one to try out. Once you’ve added five AAA batteries (not included) the iDuck is very easy to set up and use, I didn’t need the instructions. The

Dermalogica Power Duo Exfoliation Kit

A few days ago I reviewed the Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream here on Splodz Blogz – I’ve also been testing the “Power Duo” Exfoliation Kit by Dermalogica recently, also sent to me by John and Ginger Beauty. This limited edition twin pack of Dermalogica exfoliation products is designed to give you the best of daily and

Bodhi Body Moisturiser

You’ll remember a little while ago I tried Bodhi bath and shower products and reviewed them here on Splodz Blogz. Recently Bodhi sent me a couple of examples of their brand new range of body moisturisers. Jasmine Falls Relaxing Body Moisturiser The scent of this thick cream is supposed to sooth the mind and

Year in Photos (15 Oct 11) – The Drip

New houses always have niggles. The biggest one in our new home is the shower – actually we named it “the dribble” but now it’s just a drip!  Ah well – a friend is coming to look at it soon and will either fix or replace it. Hey ho! 15/10/11: The Drip

Visionary Soap

Did you know that the minimum requirement for soap to be certified as Fairtrade is just 2% of the ingredients? Soaps from The Visionary Soap Company contain a minimum of 60% fairtrade ingredients, which makes them a great choice if you are wanting to do your bit to help those in developing countries all over the

Enlighten Your Skincare Ritual – Bodhi

“Bodhi” means enlightenment, and that is the vision behind this range of bath and shower products. Bodhi kindly sent me three travel sized bottles of their bath and shower therapy to try, and my first impression was a great one – the little zip up bag is really cute isn’t it?  It’s just the sort

Batiste – Totally Tropical Taste

Festival season has started for sure – it’s Download and Isle of Wight Festival this weekend in case you hadn’t noticed (and I’m not at either – really should go to a festival again sometime).  Music, camping, eating junk… you know the sort of thing.  And what do festivals mean?  Cold showers.  Or no showers!

mypure Review – Lovea Bio Coconut Shower Gel

One of the two products I’ve been testing this month for mypure is the new Lovea Bio Coconut Shower Gel. I chose the coconut version of the three on offer because it’s a scent I usually like very much. £4.99 / 200ml As with all Lovea products, the Coconut Shower Gel is a certified

Another Things to Do Update

It’s been a little while since I did an update on here of my Things to Do list.  So I’ve been through it, added some more stuff people have suggested, and updated the file on my Things to Do page.  The next thing waiting to turn green on there is Karting, which is booked for