Review: Refreshers Squashies

Do you like it when confectioners mess about with your favourite sweets? I’m normally very sceptical and am often disappointed when companies play about with recipes, add flavours, change things about. So when I spotted this new take on Refreshers in the shop a couple of weeks ago I bought some (yes, another accidental purchase!),

Ditch the Plastic with SIGG

I have been challenged by SIGG to ditch the plastic this February – more specifically, to stop buying single use plastic bottles for one month. The fact is that in the UK we just don’t need to buy bottled water. We have clean running water in our homes, in our offices, in our schools, in

Bottlegreen Lime and Coconut Cordial

This new cordial arrived from bottlegreen for me to review here on Splodz Blogz and I thought… “oh that sounds different”. And it was. This is the new Lime and Coconut Cordial by Bottlegreen – a syrupy cordial made with lime juice and coconut water. I really like lime cordial and was intrigued with what

The Biggest Loser Cookbook

I don’t mind admitting that I’m a big fan of the television series The Biggest Loser. I also don’t mind admitting that I find the USA and Australian versions much more enjoyable than the UK one. The UK series seems somehow muted, a bit half hearted, when you compare them to its overseas counterparts. But

Strangest Cordial Ever?

Here’s a question for you. What is the strangest cordial you have ever come across? When shopping in Morrisons in Bude earlier this week my sister and I clocked this bright pink drink… (Sorry, bit blurred from my sister’s phone as we were trying to be discrete!) That’s right – it’s marshmallow squash. Right next