Converse versus Vans

I mention Converse on here a lot. I love them. They are comfortable and I love the style. They go with everything and last for ages. But when a blogging friend from the States commented on my most recent post featuring Converse that he prefers Vans, it got me thinking. I wear both. There is no denying I

Some Shoes, Some Memories and an Outfit

I came across these chocolate brown Dkode Mysie shoes when I was browsing the Spartoo website for my last feature on autumnal tan coloured shoes. They caught my attention because they reminded me of a pair I had as a teenager – they were lower than these but the styling is very similar and they

Shoes: Wedge Trainers

I have been looking at the range of wedge high top trainers around at the moment for ages (and ages) – they’ve been around for a good while now now – wondering if I should. I am torn. I think I like the way they look. I like that they would give me some additional

My Photographic Style

Over the years my love of photography has grown and grown. A few times recently I’ve been asked “what’s your photographic style?” or “what do you take photographs of?”. Each time I’ve had to think hard before answering. I just take snaps. 100s of them. I enjoy taking photographs to help bring back memories. I

Next Winter Wardrobe Competition

I have been invited to take part in another Next blog competition. Hosted by Amy Antionette, the idea is to showcase three winter outfits you’d like to wear using Next’s own brand fashion collections.  I love the winter. I love all seasons really but there is nothing more comforting than getting all wrapped up in snuggly

Rachel's Organic Yoghurt

For the last couple of weeks I’ve had a fridge full of yoghurt (well, the top shelf anyway, but that’s still a lot of yoghurt) thanks to the nice people over at Rachel’s Organic, who sent me a box full to try. Rachel’s Organic is Britain’s first certified organic dairy, producing a range of organic yogurts,

Endurance Plus your Swimming

Now the weather is a bit rubbish outside one great way to stay fit and healthy whilst staying warm is to go swimming.  We all know that swimming is a fantastic low impact sport that burns calories like nothing else and if done regularly leads to a lean, toned body.  Yes please! The problem?  The