Ditch the Plastic with SIGG

I have been challenged by SIGG to ditch the plastic this February – more specifically, to stop buying single use plastic bottles for one month. The fact is that in the UK we just don’t need to buy bottled water. We have clean running water in our homes, in our offices, in our schools, in

Snap Happy: 2nd August

Modern Use the tag SnapHappyBritMums here on Splodz Blogz to find all the photos from this challenge.

Lifebottle Competition

This competition is now closed. All comments before 8pm on the closing date have been approved and the winners will be announced in a new blog post in the next few days. Good luck!! The lovely people at tapwater.org have been very generous and have given me six lifebottles to give away. That means that

Lifebottle by tapwater.org

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about tapwater.org and the fact that they were trying to encourage people to ditch single use plastic water bottles in favour of reusable bottles. I thought, feel, that this is a very worthy campaign – while the plastic bottles you get mineral water in are generally recycled/recyclable, we

Drink Tap Water

I walked passed Lush in Lincoln the other day and spotted a blue sticker in the window that said “tapwater.org”.  Naturally I had to look it up: tapwater.org is a not for profit organisation promoting the drinking of tap water in the UK. Our aim is to reduce the use of expensive and environmentally damaging