I have to admit that I found January a very long month. It seemed to go on forever. I know that wishing our lives away is not good, and certainly doesn’t fit in with my life is all about the journey mantra, but sometimes it’s good to keep moving forward! And with the turn of

Review: ActiviTea Portable Tea Infuser

Want to take a nice cup of tea out and about with you but don’t like the taste of tea from a flask? This interesting new product from Adagio Teas might work for you – the glass body and removable infuser means the tea tastes exactly how you want it, and there is no need

Review: Adagio Teas, Body and Soul Set

There is a fashionable trend around at the moment which suggests we should be drinking tea for its health benefits rather than just its ability to quench our thirst. It’s no longer good enough to drink tea just because you like it; a plethora of varieties have hit our shelves, claiming to do us some

Dining out in Bristol – Pieminister and The Stable

I am, thanks to the occasional trip away for work, no stranger to dining alone. This has both its advantages and disadvantages. I like to use it as an opportunity to choose when and where I want to eat, hunting out restaurants that offer something a bit different, local, with nice settings. On a recent trip to Bristol I

Afternoon Tea at Bettys

One of the things I like to stress is that living life to the full – enjoying the journey – is not only about adventurous experiences or travelling to distant lands. There is everything right with enjoying the finer things in life, and close to home. Last weekend LincsGeek and I headed up to Harrogate, one

{ Sunday Soliloquy } Like a Soaking Wet Tea Towel

When we bought our first house, 12 years ago or so, there was a hole in kitchen that cried out for a dishwasher. Oh yes. This luxury white appliance changed our evenings forever – no more filling and re-filling the washing up bowl with hot soapy water to get everything clean after dinner; we could just

Year in Photos – Week 27

Wednesday 9 July – Where have you been? Well actually I’ve been on a nice long holiday, thanks for asking! Thursday 10 July – An unedited sky over my garden. Friday 11 July – Sweet, sweet grapes. I’m at least trying to be good! Saturday 12 July – Nothing beats putting your feet up with a

Review: TeaVivre Black Teas

There is simply nothing nicer than sitting down in your own living room, putting your feet up, and sipping your way through a pot of freshly brewed tea.  TeaVivre is a group of tea lovers from China, Canada and France, who all share a passion for drinking great tea and appreciate the healthy life style it

Tips for a First Timer in New York

After our recent trip to the Big Apple (read my travel post here) I have been asked by so many people what my tips are for visiting New York. It seems all my friends and family have trips to New York planned for the very near future! Having only visited once I am in no

Review: FruitBroo Hot Drinks

Ever get fed up of drinking tea? No, me neither, but it’s always good to have an alternative! There is always one of a huge number of herbal or fruit teas to choose from, of course, but as you well know I am really not a big fan of those as they never taste like

My Week in Photos 21 to 27 Oct 2013

21 to 27 October 2013 My courgette spaghetti (courgetti) experiment was a definite success – you should try it. Receiving a personalised box of tea from Twinings in the post really made me smile. I am very easily pleased! I take part in the weekly “smart phone square” photo challenge through the Instachimps photography group

Twinings Celebrate 80 Years of English Breakfast Tea

Did you know it is 80 years since English Breakfast Tea was first brewed? Despite drinking an awful lot of the stuff, I had no idea until the other day when I received a rather lovely surprise package from the people at Twinings. And it’s mine – it’s got my name on it! English Breakfast