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{ Sunday Soliloquy } Like a Soaking Wet Tea Towel

When we bought our first house, 12 years ago or so, there was a hole in kitchen that cried out for a dishwasher. Oh yes. This luxury white appliance changed our evenings forever – no more filling and re-filling the washing up bowl with hot soapy water to get everything clean after dinner; we could just

Year in Photos – Week 27

Wednesday 9 July – Where have you been? Well actually I’ve been on a nice long holiday, thanks for asking! Thursday 10 July – An unedited sky over my garden. Friday 11 July – Sweet, sweet grapes. I’m at least trying to be good! Saturday 12 July – Nothing beats putting your feet up with a

Review: TeaVivre Black Teas

There is simply nothing nicer than sitting down in your own living room, putting your feet up, and sipping your way through a pot of freshly brewed tea.  TeaVivre is a group of tea lovers from China, Canada and France, who all share a passion for drinking great tea and appreciate the healthy life style it

Tips for a First Timer in New York

After our recent trip to the Big Apple (read my travel post here) I have been asked by so many people what my tips are for visiting New York. It seems all my friends and family have trips to New York planned for the very near future! Having only visited once I am in no

Review: FruitBroo Hot Drinks

Ever get fed up of drinking tea? No, me neither, but it’s always good to have an alternative! There is always one of a huge number of herbal or fruit teas to choose from, of course, but as you well know I am really not a big fan of those as they never taste like

My Week in Photos 21 to 27 Oct 2013

21 to 27 October 2013 My courgette spaghetti (courgetti) experiment was a definite success – you should try it. Receiving a personalised box of tea from Twinings in the post really made me smile. I am very easily pleased! I take part in the weekly “smart phone square” photo challenge through the Instachimps photography group

Twinings Celebrate 80 Years of English Breakfast Tea

Did you know it is 80 years since English Breakfast Tea was first brewed? Despite drinking an awful lot of the stuff, I had no idea until the other day when I received a rather lovely surprise package from the people at Twinings. And it’s mine – it’s got my name on it! English Breakfast

Review: Vanish Oxi Action Powder

I’m clumsy. And messy. There aren’t many ladylike bones in my body. And so when it comes to my clothes, they generally get dirty very quickly. Especially the light coloured ones. I’m talking spaghetti bolognaise splatters, pen marks, tea splashes, you know the sort of thing. Obviously I get these things on my clothes when

Review: Tea Pigs Iced Tea

I don’t need to start this blog post telling you how much I enjoy a nice cup of tea – you all know by know that I am a bit of a tea addict; I chain drink the stuff in large mugs. White, no sugar, if you ever fancy making me one (and I could

Bath Bombs Workshop at Rock+Paper+Scissors

A few weeks ago I spent a rather splendid evening with some girl friends at Rock+Paper+Scissors in Lincoln (I introduced them to you here when they first opened) taking part in one of their many craft workshops. The idea is simple – get creative over tea and cake. They have a varied programme; knitting, crochet,

Cooking with Tea India Black Tea

A little while ago I was sent a lovely parcel of tea from Tea India so I could try out their black tea and their Cardamom tea, both of which I really enjoyed. The other day I received a very similar looking parcel from them, this time suggesting that I tried some baking with tea.

Review: Twinings Everyday Tea Blends

You all know that I cannot resist a nice cup of tea. I am a) British and b) brought up in the Salvation Army – tea was inevitably going to be a very important part of my life! But one thing I have never been able to do is enjoy herbal or fruit tea. I